Sales Tax

Final sales tax will be calculated based on current tax rates and regulations of the shipping destination at the time your order is processed.

Due to the complexities of sales tax, at the time you place your order, your sales tax will be estimated based on the most recent tax rates and regulations.  Final sales tax value will be calculated when your order is processed and will be reflected in your Final Value Shipment Confirmation.

We have a business presence in the following states and therefore are required by law to collect sales tax on items delivered to these states. Calculate your tax based on the state(s) of delivery. The rates listed below are the state rates. Please add local taxes where applicable. If tax rates change or additional taxes apply, we will adjust your total accordingly as we are required by law to collect the tax in effect at the time of your order.

Sales Tax

State Tax State Tax State Tax
AL* 4.000% LA+ 5.000% OH+^ 5.500%
AZ+ 6.600% ME> 5.000% OK* 4.500%
AR~^ 6.000% MD> 6.000% PA+^ 6.000%
CA+ 6.250% MA+ 6.250% RI>^ 7.000%
CO>^ 2.900% MI+^ 6.000% SC*^ 6.000%
CT>^ 6.350% MN>^ 6.875% SD*^ 4.500%
DC+^ 5.750% MS*^ 7.000% TN~^ 7.000%
FL>^ 6.000% MO~^ 4.225% TX>^ 6.250%
GA*^ 4.000% NE+^ 5.500% UT~ 4.700%
HI*^ 4.000% NV+^ 4.600% VT+^ 6.000%
ID* 6.000% NJ>^ 7.000% VA~ 4.000%
IL~^ 6.250% NM+^ 5.125% WA+^ 6.500%
IN>^ 7.000% NY>^ 4.000% WV~^ 6.000%
IA> 6.000% NC~^ 4.750% WI>^ 5.000%
KS*^ 6.500% ND>^ 5.000% WY+ 4.000%
KY>^ 6.000%        

* Food is taxable in these states, therefore all of our gifts are taxable.

+ Only gifts that include non-food items, such as baskets, cutting boards, tins, etc., are taxable.

> Gifts that include non-food items or candy are taxable.

~ These states have different rates depending upon your gift.  For gifts that include non-food items use the rate in the table located to the right.  For gifts that are food only use the following rates:
AR: 1.5%  IL: 1%  MO: 1.225%  NC: 2%  TN: 5%  UT: 1.75%  VA: 1.5%  
GA & SC: Use local tax rate only

^ Shipping and handling charges are taxable in these states.