Hickory Farms' Guide to Corporate Gourmet Food Gift Basket Giving

As the holidays approach, Christmas music starts playing and the air gets colder, our thoughts turn to showing appreciation for those in our lives who make our days more enjoyable. Gourmet food gift baskets are a great option to give to people in the workplace and help spread holiday cheer. Learn more about the perfect corporate gift baskets to give to customers, co-workers, bosses, staff and others.


Gourmet food gift baskets for co-workers

Whether you work in a large department or on a small team, a Christmas food gift basket, filled with our finest selection of gourmet mixed nuts, is a great gift option that co-workers can enjoy throughout the holiday season. Carefully selected and roasted cashews, almonds and pecans are available in our nut gourmet food gift baskets. Our dried fruit collection is another healthy option to send to your favorite co-workers.

Christmas food gift baskets for bosses

Giving a thoughtful gift to your boss, no matter how closely you work with him or her is always a nice gesture. Any one of our popular sausage and cheese gift baskets is sure to be a hit with your supervisor and appreciated by his or her family at their holiday celebrations. Gourmet sausage and cheese varieties are perfectly paired in each gourmet food gift basket we offer to guarantee the ultimate balance of complementary flavors.

Summer Sausage gift baskets for clients and vendors

Your work wouldn't be possible without valued customers and vendors. Whether you work in the public or private sector, it's likely that clients and vendors help you get things done. Our Summer Sausage gift baskets are a great way to say thank you for someone's hard work and dedication. Just like all of the items in our gift baskets, we carefully prepare our Summer Sausage with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. This ensures that you will always be giving a gift worthy of your most valued recipients.

Sausage and cheese gift baskets for staff members

Supportive staff members keep schedules, take phone calls and keep our lives sane. Thank them properly during the holidays with one of our sausage and cheese gift baskets. Our sausage and cheese gift baskets are great for holiday party appetizers, providing a quick snack for out-of-town guests or used in your team's favorite holiday dishes.

Give gourmet food gift baskets

Prepare your holiday gift giving list, so you're ready to spread holiday cheer to all those important people in your professional life. With our selection of Christmas food gift baskets, you'll be letting them know that their hard work and support throughout the year is sincerely appreciated.