There’s no question that wine and cheese pairings get a lot of love, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to sweeten up these matches and swap out the charcuterie with chocolate. No matter what style of wine you’re into, there’s a chocolate pairing that’ll make the flavor experience even better!

Trying out wine and chocolate pairings is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Treat your special someone to a date night in sampling bites of chocolate paired with their favorite wine, or invite over a group of girlfriends for a Galentine’s Day wine and chocolate party!

Not sure what the best wine and chocolate matches are? We can help! Here are our favorite chocolate and wine pairings that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Chocolate and strawberries are a classic pairing, so why not replicate the experience with a bite of chocolate and a sip of a fruity wine? Our sweet, delicate-tasting Generosity Cellars California Rosé Wine has notes of strawberries, melon, and cherries. The creaminess of the white chocolate Heart Pretzels in many of our Valentine’s gifts let the wine’s citrus notes pop.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon and dark chocolate is a match made in heaven, which is why we love pairing our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels with award-winning Aunar California Cabernet Sauvignon. Love’s all about give and take, right? The tannins in the wine are mellowed by the chocolate, and the wine is rich enough to stand up to the chocolate’s boldness to create the perfect balanced relationship.

Pinot Noir

A treat like our Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels plays well with our Generosity Cellars California Pinot Noir. This pairing matches the weight of both the chocolate and the wine; a lighter chocolate is best with a lighter-tasting wine. The wine’s smooth, lighter-bodied and fruit-forward flavor is perfect to enjoy with rich milk chocolate.

Sparkling Wine

Because of its versatility, milk chocolate is by far the best option when pairing with a bottle of bubbly like our Contollo Grand Cuvée California Sparkling Wine. The Milk Chocolate Almond Meltaways and Milk & White Chocolate Meltaways in our Signature Chocolate Collection feature a higher sugar level (because of the milk chocolate) that works well with a slightly sweet sparkling wine, and the caramel in the Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels provides a nice contrast on the palate. And don’t worry about the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways in this collection; this rich confection pairs well with a wine that has a bit of bubble to act as a palate cleanser and tone down the richness of the chocolate.

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