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A charcuterie board is an endlessly customizable, delicious pick that’s a perfect addition to any celebration. But if you’re looking to create a meat and cheese spread to wow you dad, brother, husband, or boyfriend, try putting a dude-food twist on this classic appetizer. Charduderie is like the traditional charcuterie spread, amped up so it’s ready to feed all your favorite men at a Father’s Day gathering, game day feast, or as a hearty meal he’ll really sink his teeth into.

Ready to give it a shot? We’ve got tips to help make your charduderie spread one to remember. And, to make it extra easy and delicious, you can shop the entire selection of Father’s Day gifts to create the perfect charduderie board.

Step 1: Prep the Meat & Cheese

The first step in creating the perfect Father’s Day charcuterie board is to select a few bold-tasting meats and cheeses. To keep it interesting, include a couple different flavors, like spicy, meaty, salty, nutty, and rich.

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Pre-slice your meats and cheeses and arrange on a large cheese board or platter so everyone can see their options and find what they’re craving easily. To add interest to your board, try playing around with different shapes for your cheese: cubes, slices, or even crumbles for dryer cheese.

Step 2: It’s Sauce Time

No charduderie spread is complete without a few condiments. Try to pick ones that feature different flavor profiles, like a tangy mustard, sweet honey, and something that packs a spicy kick. This way guests will be able to experiment with all sorts of different combinations.

Jam or preserves also feel right at home on a cheese board. It’s a nice way to incorporate fruity flavor for sweetness without overcrowding your board with sliced fresh fruit.

Pour your condiments and sauces into small bowls and provide spoons for easy topping.

Step 3: Add Extra Flavor

No charduderie spread is complete without fresh elements and touches to add texture, like raw vegetables and sliced fruit. Amp up the flavor factor by adding roasted, spiced nuts to your spread. Their crunchy texture is a great compliment to meats and cheeses. You could even skip crackers or crisps altogether and just count on pistachios, cashews, and almonds to bring the crunch factor to your board.

Things that are pickled pair well with the richness of cured meats and cheese (and also pair great with beer). Add a few options gherkins, briny olives, and pickled peppers like pepperoncini to pair with your charduderie staples.

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Step 4: Dig In!

Stack up your perfect flavor combination on a cracker or crisp for a savory bite. The best part about enjoying a charduderie board is that everything tastes even more delicious when paired with wine. Or, if you’re not feeling the vino, feel free to crack open your favorite beer instead.

How To Create a Charduderie Board - Cheers

Pro Tip for an Effortless Board

Make prepping your charduderie board extra easy by ordering an all-in-one gift that features the meat and cheese basics you’ll need. As a bonus, these picks are perfect to double as Dad’s Father’s Day gift because they include special touches to let him know that you picked it out just for him!

How To Create a Charduderie Board Father's Day Gift Box

For a smaller meat and cheese board that still packs big flavor, send a Father’s Day Favorites Gift Box. It features classic Signature Beef Summer Sausage, two kinds of delicious cheese, mustard, crackers, and Everything Seasoned Mixed Nuts add a bit of crunch and spice.

How To Create a Charduderie Board Father's Day Tower

The Father’s Day Gourmet Meat & Cheese Gift Tower is the perfect base for any charduderie spread because it features tons of savory and spicy flavors. Just add a few extras and you’ll be ready to dig in!

How To Create a Charduderie Board Father's Day Wine Gift

For a hearty spread featuring three kinds of sausage, three cheeses, and two bold mustard flavors, you can’t go wrong with the Father’s Day Hearty Bites & Wine Gift Basket. It even comes with bottles of Generosity Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay to enjoy with his flavor creations.

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