Brunch is already everyone’s favorite meal, but do you really want to wow your guests next time you host a brunch gathering? Treat them to a DIY mimosa bar! It’s an easy and delicious way to make your next gathering or party memorable.

Must-Haves for Mimosas

You’ll want to have a few essentials on hand to make mimosas. First, you’ll need fruit juice. Orange juice is a classic choice, but you could keep it interesting by incorporating pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, or even different juice blends. Make your mimosa bar look appealing by picking at least three types of juice.

You can’t make a mimosa without some bubbles! Have a few bottles of champagne or sparkling wine at the ready, like our Ilo Brut Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine, Ilo Moscato California Sparkling Wine, or Contollo Grand Cuvée California Sparkling Wine. Or, if you’re celebrating a super special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne or Veuve Clicquot Brut.

Keep in mind, one bottle of champagne or sparkling wine can make about 6-8 mimosas, depending on how your guests portion theirs out. The standard ratio is one part champagne, one part juice, but, if your guests prefer a more generous champagne pour, it won’t hurt to have a few extra bottles of bubbly to share.

Also, don’t forget about the non-drinkers at the party! Make sure to supply them with some sparkling cider or flavored sparkling water to add bubbles to their drink.

Garnishes & Snacks

Once you’ve got your juice and champagne, you’re ready to plan the rest of your party. Add a little extra flair to the mimosa offerings by providing different garnishes guests can add to their glasses. Fresh fruit like berries or wedged citrus, herbs like mint or thyme, rock candy sticks, or even edible flowers are all fun picks. You can even set out flavored liqueurs, syrups, or sherbets to take the mimosas to the next level.

It wouldn’t be a party without snacks, so make sure you have plenty of bites on hand for your guests to enjoy while they sip their creations. A savory charcuterie board is always a big hit at parties (and super easy to pull together!). Meat and cheese gifts from Hickory Farms feature gourmet flavors perfect for your board. We like our Original Dry Salami, and Smoked Gouda Blend paired with champagne. The rich flavors and creamy textures work well with bubbles as a palate cleanser.

Make sure you set out some sweets, too! Cookies, pastries, and candy are all good choices. Or, for easy serving, choose an individual dessert option like these beautiful cupcake jars from Wicked Good Cupcakes. Wine and cupcakes can also put a playful spin on any party menu.

Set Up Your Mimosa Bar

Now that you’ve planned your menu, you’re ready to set up the rest of the mimosa bar. The key is ensuring everything is easy to reach and that there’s enough space to work.

Set out champagne flutes on both sides of the table. This way, more than one guest will be able to prepare their drink at the same time. Use clear carafes for the juices so guests can easily see what they’re pouring. If you have similarly colored juices, consider adding labels or chalkboard signs. Champagne should always be enjoyed chilled, so keep yours cool in an ice bucket. If you don’t have and ice bucket, keep the bottles in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve.

Place your garnishes, fruits, and snacks on serving dishes so guests can easily reach their favorites. Make sure to provide serving utensils, especially for fresh fruits, to keep hands clean. Don’t forget napkins and even small plates!

You can make your mimosa bar table look photo-op ready by adding a few decorative touches. Add a small assortment of fresh flowers, a decorative backdrop or garland, confetti, or colorful paper straws to make the table look extra inviting!

Then, just add your favorite people and you’re ready to celebrate anything with the perfect DIY mimosa bar. Try adding to your Easter gatherings, Mother’s Day brunch, or even a casual Sunday get-together with friends. Cheers to brunch!

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