This fall, decorate with pumpkins and a different kind of spice. Bring fall flavors to life on your table with the help of our pumpkin cheese ball. Just grab a cheese ball and some celery and you’re ready to roll.

halloween pumpkin cheeseball

Pumpkin cheese balls are perfect for entertaining during the fall months. You can dress them up on a Halloween table spread or during your Thanksgiving Day feast. Pumpkin cheese balls are not only quick and easy to make, but they’ll bring the delicious taste of fall to any party spread.

Halloween appetizer pumpkin cheese ball

Here’s a quick guide on how to make this versatile appetizer for all of your fall festivities:


  • Hickory Farms Sharp Cheddar Cheese Ball
  • Celery Stalk


  1. Gently pat the cheese ball into pumpkin shape
  2. Press a chopstick or the back of a knife into the cheese ball to create creases around the edges
  3. Cut the celery stalk into a two inch piece, with leaves on top
  4. Place the celery into the center of the cheese ball
  5. Reshape as necessary
  6. Serve with sausage and crackers

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