Nachos make the perfect appetizer or snack to share with family and friends. And with this easy nachos recipe, you’ll learn how to make nachos at home in no time!

Here at Hickory Farms, we put our own twist on this nachos recipe. We love using our hearty cheese (which tastes amazing on its own), but we also include our delicious beef summer sausage and chipotle ranch sauce to build on a uniquely delicious take on this classic nacho recipe dish.

Whether it’s game day, book club or just because, you now know how to make nachos at home, which are sure to deliver the perfect blend of flavors to entertain your guests!

Game day queso with blue corn chips, melted cheese, summer sausage, tomatoes, jalapenos, and chipotle ranch drizzle



  1. Scatter tortilla chips across a large rimmed baking sheet
  2. Grate half a block of Hickory Farms Farmhouse Cheddar cheese and half a block of Hickory Farms Jalapeño Cheddar on top of tortilla chips
  3. Dice Hickory Farms Beef Summer Sausage into cubes and add to the tortilla chips and cheese
  4. Bake at 350 F for 10 minutes and remove from oven
  5. Slice one jalapeño and sprinkle it on top of the cheese, meat, and chips
  6. Slice one small tomato into cubes and sprinkle it on top of the nachos
  7. Drizzle Hickory Farms Chipotle Ranch Sauce across the nachos
  8. Top the nachos off with a handful of cilantro
  9. Serve and enjoy!

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