Hosting a party during the holiday season can be fun…but it can also be a lot of work. If you’re looking for ways to add a little holiday magic to your gathering but want to dial down the level of effort it’ll take to impress, look no further. Our guide to holiday entertaining will help you host the perfect gathering.

Make it Effortless

Providing appetizers for your guests doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make things easier by ordering well-loved snacks and wines and having them delivered ahead of time.

A festive gift basket filled with expertly-paired snacks will go a long way in making guests happy. You can create a delicious meat and cheese spread that they can enjoy while creating their favorite flavor combinations. Order something with holiday touches like the Happy Holidays Deluxe Sip & Snack Gift Basket to add flair to your tablescape.

Already have your menu planned? Make it feel extra special by adding in a few bottles of wine for guests to share. Holiday-exclusive Bell & Bough Wines come in all the varietals guests love—Riesling, Chardonnay, Resounding Red Winemaker’s Blend, and Cabernet Sauvignon—and feature specially-designed bottles to bring holiday cheer to everyone’s glass.

Make it Virtual

Planning on celebrating from afar this year? You can still host a fun gathering virtually with those you care about most. A virtual Christmas party is a great way to connect with those you wouldn’t get to see during the holidays otherwise.

Try choosing a theme ahead of time to get everyone in the mood to celebrate. Game night, virtual movie watch party, happy hour, or wine and charcuterie—there are plenty of ways to customize your event to make it fun for everyone who’s logging in. You can even send a suggested menu out to guests ahead of time to make your Zoom Christmas party feel more like an in-person one.

Make Your Table Fun

Serving up snacks is a must for any successful holiday gathering. If you want to go above and beyond, there are some easy ways to impress guests while adding holiday cheer to your table. These serving tips can help you make an Instagram-worthy snack spread for your guests to enjoy.

Add a little character to your party’s table with a festive meat and cheese board. It comes together so easily and uses just a couple of Hickory Farms’ classic favorites. Slice up some of your favorites from our Signature Summer Sausage Flight and Signature Cheese Flight. Try using different shapes and sizes for the cheeses to add some variety to the board. Squeeze out some of your favorite mustard from our Signature Mustard Flight into small bowls for easy serving.

Add festive touches to your board to make it extra fun. Garnish with fresh herbs, use holiday-shaped bowls, and add a pop of sweetness with chocolates and candy—Snow Mints, Itty Bitty Confection Flight, and Snowflake Pretzels are always a crowd-pleasing pick.

Cheese Ball Snowman

Our cheese balls are also perfect for creating an adorable snowman that’s perfect for a holiday party appetizer. We made our snowman using our Original Blend Cheese Balls, but you can choose from any of our delicious cheese ball flavors like Swiss Blend and Sharp Cheddar Blend.

Start by setting three cheese balls in a line on a serving platter. Create the snowman look by adding nuts for the mouth, nose, and eyes. Then create arms by cutting pieces of our Beef Sausage Snacks and make a hat with slices of Signature Beef Summer Sausage. For a bit of crunch and freshness, you can add a scarf made out of sliced red bell pepper.

Charcuterie Christmas Tree

Bring some Christmas cheer to your party with a tree-shaped charcuterie spread that couldn’t be easier to create. And, this serving style creates a convenient way for party guests to sample many tasty bites.

Start with a large serving board to give yourself enough room. Slice summer sausage and cube cheese to create the rows of the tree—try a few different flavors! Arrange the sausage and cheese, along with fresh fruit like red and green grapes, in alternating rows to make the tree. Then, add a star and a trunk made from small slices of cheese. To finish off the tree, add a sprinkle of chopped fresh herbs.

Veggie Wreath

For a fresh, tasty party snack, try a festive twist on a traditional crudité spread. Start with your favorite flavor from our Cheese Spread Flight. Place the open container in the center of a round serving platter or plate. Then, arrange fresh vegetables in a wreath shape around the cheese spread. Try broccoli, cucumber slices, and edamame for the greenery, and add a pop of color with bright red cherry tomatoes. All of these veggies taste delicious dipped in our savory cheese spreads.

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