Easy & Impressive Holiday Serving Tips

Hosting a party during the holiday season can be fun…but it can also be a lot of work. If you’re looking for ways to add a little holiday magic to your gathering, but want to dial down the level of effort it’ll take to impress, look no further. Our guide to holiday entertaining will help you host the perfect gathering.

easy holiday recipe - charcuterie turkey

Add a little character to your fall party’s table with this cute and tasty turkey meat and cheese board. It comes together so easily and uses just a couple of Hickory Farms’ classic favorites. To make the turkey’s head, place a cheese ball from our Cheese Ball Flight on a serving platter or plate. You can create a beak and eyes using nuts from our Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler.

Slice up some of your favorites from our Summer Sausage Flight and Cheese Flight and use them to create the turkey’s feathers. Try using different shapes and sizes for the cheeses to add some variety to the board. Add in a few rows of crackers—we like our Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers or Cranberry Pistachio Crisps for some added sweetness. Serve and watch guests gobble up their favorite savory stacks of Hickory Farms flavors.

Cheese Ball Snowman

snowman cheeseball for easy holiday recipe and holiday entertaining

Our cheese balls are also perfect for creating an adorable snowman that’s perfect for a holiday party appetizer. We made our snowman using our Original Cheese Balls, but you can choose from any of our delicious cheese ball flavors like Swiss and Sharp Cheddar.

Start by setting three cheese balls in a line on a serving platter. Create the snowman look by adding nuts for the mouth, nose, and eyes. Then create arms by cutting pieces of our Beef Sausage Snacks and make a hat with slices of Signature Beef Summer Sausage. For a bit of crunch and freshness, you can add a scarf made out of sliced red bell pepper.

Charcuterie Christmas Tree

charcuterie tree for an easy holiday appetizer

Bring some Christmas cheer to your party with a tree-shaped charcuterie spread that couldn’t be easier to create. And, this serving style creates a convenient way for party guests to sample many tasty bites.

Start with a large serving board to give yourself enough room. Slice summer sausage and cube cheese to create the rows of the tree—try a few different flavors! Arrange the sausage and cheese, along with fresh fruit like red and green grapes, in alternating rows to make the tree. Then, add a star and a trunk made from small slices of cheese. To finish off the tree, add a sprinkle of chopped fresh herbs.

Veggie Wreath

easy holiday recipe - veggie wreath

For a fresh, tasty party snack, try a festive twist on a traditional crudité spread. Start with your favorite flavor from our Cheese Spread Flight. Place the open container in the center of a round serving platter or plate. Then, arrange fresh vegetables in a wreath shape around the cheese spread. Try broccoli, cucumber slices, and edamame for the greenery, and add a pop of color with bright red cherry tomatoes. All of these veggies taste delicious dipped in our savory cheese spreads.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate for Holiday Recipe Guide

Warm up with a mug of our minty, sweet peppermint hot chocolate. All you need are a few Hickory Farms Peppermint Show Mints to turn everyday hot chocolate into a special winter treat. Try it with our hot chocolate recipe, or add our snow mints to your own. It’s sure to become a favorite! Find the recipe here.

Cherry Apple Sangria

Pitcher of cherry apple sangria with a jar of Hickory Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam for Holiday Recipe Guide

Unwind from the busy holiday with a little seasonal sangria. We’ve concocted this delicious drink with our Flowers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Boozy Cherries to create a full-flavored treat (for anyone 21 and older). Give these a shot with savory thumbprint appetizers—they’re an incredibly delicious pair. Find the recipe here.

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