While your dad might appreciate a fancy new putter or the latest and greatest in leaf blowing technology, he doesn't want you spending money on something he'd rather spend a Sunday picking out and buying for himself. What dad really wants is to spend some quality time with his kids (and maybe some cold beer and tasty snacks as an added bonus.)

Luckily for you our state is brimming with incredible activities that he is sure to appreciate. Whether you live in the North State, Bay Area, or Southern California, we've got you covered for the best things to do with dad this Father's Day, in no particular order.

1. Watch a Ball Game

Buy him some peanuts and cracker jacks and catch nine innings under the sun. The obvious choice this Father's Day is headed to the ballpark where you can watch one of California's most classic sports rivalries unfold. If you want to grab a drink beforehand, stop by Wiretap Brewing, an awesome local brewery just 10 minutes away.

2. Take him Beer Tasting Near You!

Most dads love to throw back a cold one, so why not make a day of it? California is home to a boatload of craft breweries, where you can order up a flight of beers to taste. If you are in the San Diego area, you can't go wrong with Ballast Point Brewing, which features an extensive selection of delicious brews in an unbeatably sunny location. Or if you can't make it to Ballast Point, do the next best thing and send him a delicious gift with their beer.

3. Beat Him in Go Cart Racing- LeMans Karting, Fremont

Indoor Go-Kart Track - 10 Things to Do With Dad

Burn some rubber and put your driving skills to the test. Nothing brings out a man's raw competitive spirit like strapping into a tiny car and gassing it around a track, especially when up against the person who he probably taught driving to. If you're in the South Bay check out LenMans in Fremont, which boasts an epic track and some serious Karts that will get both your hearts racing.

4. Kayak on the water!- Check out Lake Almanor

There are few things as serene as spending a few hours paddling on the open water. That is, unless your dad is the racing type, and you spend your morning in a furious frenzy of splashing and shouting. Either way you will have a blast. For the northern folks, you won't do better than Lake Almanor in Plumas County, a gorgeous and gigantic body of water that is perfect for kayaking- there are several rental options nearby!

5. Go Golfing- Check out Sandpiper Golf Club, Santa Barbara

Sandpiper Golf Club - 10 Things to Do With Dad

Image Credit: Golfcalifornia.com

Hit the front nine and send some balls flying. My current favorite course is the Sandpiper Golf Club in Santa Barbara, a legendary Championship course with gorgeous fairways, challenging greens, and unbeatable views of the Pacific. Wherever you go, remember to book now as tee times fill up quickly!

6. Weekend Camping and Hiking- Yosemite!

If the Great Outdoors is his thing, treat him to a little camping trip. After you've set up a tent, gotten a little lost in the woods, and tried to cook beans over a firepit, it is literally impossible not to bond. Of course there is nowhere better for a weekend camping trip to Yosemite National Park, which has some of the best views and trails in the entire country. Wherever you decide to go, book a spot soon as they are filling up quickly.

7. Take him fishing at the San Joaquin Delta

Fisherman - 10 Things to Do With Dad

Image Credit: Department of Water Resources

Some may say its cliché, but I say why mess with a classic? Take your dad out for a day of casting and sipping adult beverages, and he will cherish the memory forever. I have never had more fun than dropping some lines from a boat on the San Joaquin Delta and reeling in some striper salmon with my dad, so if you're nearby, check it out. Best of all, there are some great restaurants in the area for you to stop by for dinner if you strike out on catching anything.

8. Challenge yourselves with an Escape Room

Ok so you might think locking yourself in a room with dad for an hour with no way to get away isn't a recipe for a good time, but hear me out. Escape Rooms are a super fun way to bond and learn a lot about someone as you flex your thinking skills and run around like a lunatic searching for clues. If you haven't tried one out, now is the perfect opportunity. If you are based in the Bay Area you have to go to Real Escape Game in San Francisco. - or if you are elsewhere be sure to check out EscapeRoomTips.com for lists of the best rooms by city.

9. Go Mini Golfing! Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville

Mini Golf - 10 Things to Do With Dad

Image Credit: AllEvents.in

If he's not into carts and clubs but still wants to get out on the greens, a little mini golf is your best bet. Whether playing a leisurely putt putt match or a high stakes shootout, its hard to have a bad time. A personal favorite in the Sacramento Area is Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville, which boasts a huge variety of unique and challenging courses that will keep you on your toes for the full afternoon.

10. Do Some Wine Tasting- Sonoma County

Wine Glass that says Muscardini - 10 Things to Do With Dad

Image Credit: MuscardiniCellars.com

Dad's not a beer drinker? No problem. California is home to some of the greatest wineries on earth to fit nearly every preference and palate. And if you are dad's designated driver, he can taste to his heart's content. I recommend taking him to Sonoma County, where he can sample a huge variety of incredible wines as he takes in the gorgeous rustic landscape and enjoys unbeatable artisanal foods. Can't make it to wine country but still want to give dad the gift of vino? Shop our wine gift baskets and send him a bottle or two!


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