Is your client part of your family?

If you want to maintain a great business, showing your appreciation to your clients is key!

When the customer or client feels valued, or as if they are a part of your family, then they are more likely to do two things:

  • Continue doing business with you.
  • Bring in new clients by sharing how great of a job you have done and are doing with others. (Your clients are basically walking billboards, how you treat them can and will affect your potential business.)

Just how do you show a client that you appreciate them though? There are many ways! Check out the list below for just a few ideas!


What human being does not love food? Whether it is a discount to a popular restaurant or their favorite place (brownie points for listening to your customer when they share personal details), you are sure to maintain a good business front with the help of a delicious meal.


In a world where you can buy almost anything, what do you buy your client that screams, "Thank you for doing business with us!" We will tell you!

  • A nice pen is always a good go-to! Make sure your business name or logo is somewhere on it to make sure they will be reminded of you every time they use it!
  • A corporate gift basket full of goodies is always a classic. You can find one filled with almost anything these days! Wine, rich chocolates, tasty fruits, gourmet snacks, you name it, there is a basket filled with it!
  • A simple handwritten thank you note from you personally can go a long way in a customer's mind. Knowing that you took time out of your busy day to not just generically email or type up a letter, but to handwrite a letter of appreciation will show just how thankful you are for their business.
  • Launching a new product? Send freebies to your long-time customers to try out, no strings attached! They will be thrilled to know they were thought of!
  • Go the extra mile and send a personalized item, whether it is a leather journal or a bookmark, have it engraved with the client's name. A grand gesture such as this will ensure business to return.
  • Partner with another local business and send some freebies or discounts from them to show your support of others. Clients love knowing you are not just all about money, but that you like to share your support.
  • Have your client's birthday on file? Send a personal letter with a small token of gratitude. They will be ecstatic to know you were thinking of them and that you remembered a detail such as their birthday!

The list could go on and on, but those are just a few of the many great ways to show your clients some appreciation. Though a simple, thanks for doing business, can hold some leverage, there is nothing like great customer support, assuring your clients that they are truly valued and appreciated.


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