Imagine you were just handed a basket wrapped with a beautiful red ribbon filled with what appears to be some type of edible goods. "Great, another lame, horribly tasting gourmet gift basket," you think.

Only this time it's not so horrible. Inside the basket are rich, smooth, melt in your mouth, chocolates! Guess some gourmet baskets aren't so bad after all! But how do you know what foods are great and whether or not your gift recipient will actually enjoy the treats you've picked for them?

A little helpful tip, knowing your gift recipient well will help you give them something they will truly love. While one person may be excited to receive a delectable cheeseboard, another may be less thrilled to see a variety of cheese as their gift. So, while sending a gift basket may be easier to do, it is still important to select one designed specifically for your special someone. We've decided to help you out though and provide 15 of the most delicious gourmet goods to choose from this holiday season that are sure to be a hit!


Some people prefer to have rich, dark chocolate treats, while others prefer to have sweet, milk chocolate. We think all chocolate is full of goodness!

Cheese board

A classy cheese board can speak straight to the soul of cheese fans. Complete with crisp crackers and tasty meats or olives, this is a favorite by many!

Sausage Platter

Speaking of meat, a platter full of the finest sausages or salami is sure to be a winner in the eyes of the men in your life.


When in doubt, gourmet wines are a timeless choice.


Did you know there are many different kinds of pasta? Well now you do! Gifting seasonal pasta makes for not only a yummy gift, but a fun night in!


Maybe your loved one isn't a big fan of pre-made foods. Send them a basket full of unique spices! A great way to encourage some new recipes for those that love to cook!


Sometimes a classic fruit basket is the best way to go! Complete with only the freshest of fruits, make sure to include not just apples, but some pears or pineapples, too! Feeling extra fancy, throw in some nuts for a sweet and salty theme!


A refreshing bottle of craft beer is the perfect gift for your husband or father! They'll love sipping a cold beverage as they catch their favorite sports team on TV.


There's just something about gourmet popcorn! Cheesy, Carmel, classic butter - popcorn is traditional favorite for some!


A delicious array of crunchy biscotti cookies is the key to any sweet tooth's heart!


For the grill master in your life, they'll love receiving a basket full of sauces, spices and tips for the upcoming grill season! Throw in a few grilling utensils to top it off!

Something Special

Add a little extra message or ribbon that makes the gift unique and meaningful.

So instead of sending that drab basket full of things that will either get thrown away or passed on to some other unfortunate soul, get a basket full of the finest, tastiest gourmet foods that will actually be enjoyed! If you're lucky, your loved ones may even offer to share a bite!


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