Romantic comedies…whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that romcoms are iconic for a reason. We all know these movies typically follow one of a few standard, familiar formulas, like two strangers meet in a cute, unexpected way. Or, two people who couldn’t be more opposite inadvertently fall in love. These tropes are what make romcoms comforting, entertaining, and sure, predictable.

If you’re planning to check out a new movie or binge watch some of your classic favorites this Valentine’s Day , you’re going to want to have snacks on hand. We’ve got some snack suggestions that will perfectly complement all the well-known romcom situations you’re bound to encounter.

Meet Cutes

Cute stranger meets cute stranger in a (surprise!) cute way…that’s the meet cute you’ll see gracing screens in movies like When Harry Met Sally, The Wedding Planner, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If your favorite Valentine’s Day films are centered around meet cutes, you’ll love a gift that feels like two beautiful things getting together in a cute way.

The Valentine’s Day Cupcake 2-Pack & Rosé Gift Set perfectly embodies the meet cutes we all know and love. Cupcakes and wine, both wonderful and cute on their own, come together for a match made in snacking heaven.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Meets Typical Dude

If those movies with a free-spirited, quirky girl inspiring a normal, everyday guy to live his most authentic life are the ones that make you swoon (think 500 Days of Summer or Breakfast at Tiffany’s), we’ve got the perfect thing for you.

Our Love & Blooms Gift Box is filled with unexpected, fun items that make classic snacks all the more better. This new twist on the typical sweets-and-flowers Valentine’s Day gift is even packed in a box that any free-spirited main character would vibe with.

Doesn’t Believe in Love, Until…

Have a soft spot for those storylines with a main character who doesn’t believe in love but has a serious change of heart? A closed-off, cynical person that just needs to encounter someone to break through their walls is a storyline you’ll see in movies like He’s Just Not That Into You, The Ugly Truth, or Crazy, Stupid Love.

If you’re steaming one of these picks this Valentine’s Day, you’ll love digging into the spicy snacks in our Hot Stuff Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift Box. Just like the protagonist in a romcom, these snacks have had their inner flames ignited and are now a bolder, more vibrant version of themselves. The power of love!

Enemies to Lovers

This classic situation where two people cannot stand each other, but eventually fall in love, is one you’ll find in movies like The Proposal and Sweet Home Alabama. Both characters have very different, usually opposing, views of how the world should be, but being together makes both of them better in the end.

If our Valentine’s Day Premium Treats & Wine Gift Basket was a movie, the plot would go like this: Serious red wine is like, I hate her, she’s too bubbly and fun and I don’t understand why she’s so popular. Rosé wine is like, I hate him, he’s too worried about his dinner reservations and acting sophisticated. But here they are, nestled up together in the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Opposites Attract

There isn’t a more prevalent romcom trope than two people who are complete opposites eventually falling in love, like in She’s All That, Pretty Woman, and 27 Dresses. Despite the fact that they’re so different, they learn to appreciate the other’s unique qualities and how they can complement each other. Awww!

Just like the opposite personalities of these protagonists, our Valentine’s Day Charcuterie & Chocolate Gift Box features two opposite sides of the flavor spectrum: sweet and savory. But they perfectly complement each other and are a really great match in the long run.

No matter how you’re celebrating, find perfect gifts and snacks for Valentine’s Day at!


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