Special Occasions Gift Guide
Weddings & Engagements

Nearly three-fourths of weddings occur between May and October—"wedding season."

During those months, you may often attend weddings, engagement parties, and showers.

Of course, you need to bring a gift for all these events. This may be stressful, especially when you need several for one couple or their cultural norms are different from yours.

Read on to test your wedding gift knowledge and see some suggestions for presents, including wedding gift basket ideas, to prepare for this wedding season.

Test Your Wedding Gift Knowledge

10 Unique Gift Ideas for These Special Occasions

Here are our 10 favorite gift possibilities, including engagement and wedding gift basket ideas, necessities, and outside-the-box options.

1. Wedding Gift Baskets

Gift baskets for weddings and engagements offer a low risk of purchasing the same thing as someone else. Hickory Farms offers many gift boxes and baskets for engagements and weddings.

For a fun engagement gift box for the couple, check out our Congratulations Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies.

If the couple would want to unwind after the festivities, perhaps our Cheers to You Wine Gift Basket is the best wedding gift.

2. A Memory Box

A memory box letting newlyweds safely store pictures, tickets, cards, and other sentimental items from their wedding or honeymoon could be a touching gift for your favorite couple.

3. Customized Cornhole Board

A beanbag toss ("cornhole") board could be fun if the engaged or newlywed couple loves outdoor games. Customize it with something like their wedding date and, if you're artistic, you could design it yourself!

4. Luggage

Bustle says luggage is one of the "10 Classic Wedding Gifts That Literally Every Couple Appreciates."

Make their honeymoon extra special by sending a wedding gift basket to their hotel room while they use the luggage. The Coppola Sofia Rose & Truffles Gift Set could be spot-on.

5. Picnic Set

We offer several picnic sets which you could top off by adding a comfy blanket or lawn chairs.

6. High End Cooler

A heavy-duty cooler works well with picnic gift sets or our California Craft Beer Gift Basket, a perfect wedding gift basket for those who like to enjoy a beer outside.

7. Newlywed Cookbook

You can purchase a cookbook or get loved ones to contribute their favorite recipes, so the couple receives a wedding gift that's both sentimental and practical.

8. Wine Gift Box

Wine gift boxes for weddings or engagements let people celebrate or relax. We suggest our Tres Amigos California Wine Gift Box for its variety of wines and snacks, but we have many other wine gifts to choose from.

9. Subscription Box Service

There are subscription boxes for nearly all interests now, such as books, date nights, and even mysteries to solve together.

10. Cold Hard Cash

If many couples were honest, they'd say they'd like money as a present. Then, they can use this to pay for wedding or honeymoon costs or things they need.

If you're not comfortable giving just money, attach the envelope to a fun present like our Celebration Popcorn Tin.

More Gift Basket Ideas

Still haven't found the perfect wedding gift basket? We have many other gift baskets for couples, whether engaged or needing a gift basket for their 50th wedding anniversary.

We hope we've made your trek through wedding season a bit easier!


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