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Thinking of You

Telling someone you're thinking of them can make their day. You could do this in any way, from a note to a gift or evening out.

Below, we'll talk about some options for saying, “I'm thinking of you."

Who Should You Tell You're Thinking of Them?

Your significant other, parents, a friend, a child, or someone having a rough time all love to hear you care. In fact, just about anyone could use this boost.

9 Creative Ways to Let Loved Ones Know You're Thinking of Them

Below are nine of our favorite ways to tell someone you're thinking of them. These include "thinking of you!" messages, thinking of you gift boxes, and more.

We've arranged them by the level of effort to help you decide which to choose.

Let Loved Ones Know
You're Thinking of Them
Send a Thoughtful Text
Call and Tell Them
Make a Playlist
Bring Them a Coffee
Send Them Flowers
Take Them Out to Eat
Make a Craft
Customize a Delivery
Write a Poem

Effort Level: Easy

Showing someone you're thinking of them doesn't have to be an ordeal. Here are three easy ways to say, "I'm thinking of you."

1. Send a Thoughtful Text

Maybe a friend popped into your head. Perhaps a memory showed up on your social media. Send a text saying you were thinking of them because of this.

2. Call to Tell Them

Have time to chat with a loved one who enjoys video phone calls? Call to tell them why you thought of them. Perhaps that song you belted together in high school came on the radio, or you passed a dog like theirs. Whatever the reason, hit that contact name.

3. Make Them a Playlist

Gone are the days of mixtapes or personalized CDs, but that means it's easier than ever to curate a playlist. If you use the same music streaming service, you can often share a playlist.

Consider "thinking of you" themes like "middle school jams," "TV show theme songs" from shows you watch together, or something based on inside jokes.

Effort Level: Medium

Have a little extra time or money to spend on a thinking of you gift? Consider these thinking of you gift ideas.

4. Pick Them Up a Coffee

Do you know a coworker (or your child's teacher) who could use a pick-me-up? Adjust your commute to grab their favorite coffee to brighten their morning.

As a bonus, send them a surprise thinking of you treat from Hickory Farms. Chocolate Caramel Corn, for instance, could pair well with most types of coffee.

5. Send Them Flowers

If you don't know what your recipient's favorite flower is, consider the different meanings of flower types. For instance, pink carnations can mean "I'll never forget you," and zinnias often stand for thoughts of absent friends—good options for floral thinking of you gifts.

6. Take Them Out for a Meal

Spontaneously invite them for a meal and pay the bill as a thinking of you gesture. Use this time to catch up and, perhaps, find whole new reasons to think of them later.

Effort Level: Elaborate, But Not Difficult

Do you want to go a bit more over the top without spending any more time than you have available? Here are three relatively simple but more elaborate thinking of you gift ideas.

7. Make Them a Craft

Did your friend post pictures of their new home or Christmas tree? Create a thinking of you craft for your friend to match, perhaps something they can hang on the wall or their tree and send it as a surprise. Remember to include a card!

8. Customize a Delivery

Find thinking of you gift basket ideas fitting your loved one's preferences. Do they love cheese? Send them our Cheese Favorites Gift Box. More of a sweet tooth? Consider our Variety Cupcake 4-Pack. We have thinking of you gifts for every taste.

9. Write Them a Poem

You don't have to be a writer to compose a poetic thinking of you message. But, if you are, renew this tradition with a sonnet. However, even a silly rhyme can bring a smile.

Looking for More Thinking of You Gift Basket Ideas?

Make someone's day with a thinking of you gift basket!

Hickory Farms has many options, like the Thinking of You Deluxe Sweets & Snacks Gift Basket, California Gourmet Wine Gift Basket, and Premium Fruit & Snack Gift Basket.

Never hesitate to let someone know how much they matter to you.


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