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"Gratitude" may feel like a buzzword these days. However, science backs up the need to practice gratitude.

Robert Emmons, Ph.D., author of several books on the subject, says gratitude can:

  • Improve immunity
  • Help with sleep
  • Increase optimism
  • Make people more forgiving
  • Inspire people to make healthier choices

That's just the beginning.

In a roundup of several studies, Happier Human reports a daily gratitude journal increases optimism by 15%, a weekly journal results in an average of 40 extra minutes of exercise per week, and being 10% more grateful results in 17.5% more social capital.

One great way to show gratitude is via gifts of appreciation. Read on to discover some thank you gift basket ideas.

Gifts of Gratitude: Thank You Gift Basket Ideas for Heroes

Sometimes, a "thank you" isn't enough to show how much you appreciate someone. It's time for a unique thank you gift.

Here are just a few people who may deserve a thank you gift basket:

  • Employees: Effective recognition is personalized, can recognize both group and individual efforts, and is authentic. We recommend our Gourmet Sweets Gift Basket for easy snacking throughout the day.
  • Healthcare Workers: If a team needs your thanks, consider our shareable Gourmet Meat & Cheese Gift Tower. For an individual, check out the Healthcare Heroes Thank You Gift Box.
  • Mail Carriers: Mail carriers are out in all sorts of weather, making sure people get letters, packages, medications, and, yes, bills. A small token can mean a lot. (Note: Mail carriers cannot receive gifts worth more than $20.) How about a small thank you gift like Peanut Brittle and Popcorn?
  • Service Workers: Are you a regular at a coffee shop that always has your order ready? Though tips are appreciated, a gift bought elsewhere shows you think about how grateful you are when you're not in the store. Our Thank You Sweet & Savory Gift Box offers goodies for nearly all tastes.
  • Teachers: Teachers work an average of 12-16 hours per day, spend an average of almost $500 on their classrooms every year, and about 20% hold a second job to afford everyday expenses. The gratitude they feel when given a heartfelt thanks is immeasurable.

Unique Thank You Gifts for Special People

Giving gifts to show love and appreciation goes back centuries—probably further. We've always used gifts to improve relationships, show gratitude, and communicate what words can't say.

While you can tailor thank you gift ideas for loved ones' personalities, here are some ideas to get you started.

Thank You Gifts for Men

Shopping for men can be challenging but well worth it. A few who could use a reminder of how grateful you are for them include:

  • Boyfriend or Husband: Create a gratitude-filled date night with a Game Night Gift Set. (Letting him win? Optional.)
  • Father or Grandfather: Make sure Dad or Grandpa knows you recognize all they've done over the years. If you hang out with Dad or Grandpa, consider the Give Back Gift Box as a thank you for that time together.
  • Brother: To thank him for putting up with you throughout childhood, perhaps get your brother a California Craft Beer Gift Basket. Maybe he'll even share!
  • Friend: With how busy life can get, it's easy to let friendships end up on the back burner. This is especially true for male friendships, as studies show they're often based on social activities. Take your friend's snacking to the next level with the Cheese & Sausage Lover's Gift Box.
  • Thank you Gifts for Women

    Important women in your life also need reminders of your gratitude. Some thank you gift ideas for women are:

    • Girlfriend or Wife: Plan a day out to show your significant other how much you appreciate her, using a Deluxe Gourmet Picnic Gift Basket to guide the activities.
    • Mother or Grandmother: Matriarchs are often the backbones of families. They rarely ask for recognition—but that doesn't mean they wouldn't appreciate hearty thanks.
    • Sister: Chances are you and your sister occasionally fought over the last sweet as kids. Thank her for sometimes letting you win with the Gourmet Mini Donut Collection.
    • Friend: Tell a friend who has always been there for you "thank you" by providing the treats for a girls' night in. The Tres Amigos California Wine Gift Box is perfect for this.

    Saying Thanks With Unique Gifts: The Thought Really Does Count

    Being thankful and thanked can have positive psychological, physical, and social effects.

    Do you want to show gratitude but aren't sure where to start? First, make a list of people for whom you're grateful and why. Then, choose those who most need this boost.

    Gratitude List
    I am grateful to
    I am grateful for

    Don't forget to include a card detailing why you're sending this thank you gift. Writing these notes increases our sense of gratitude, as we have to reflect on the "why."

    And that can have a ripple effect.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Thank You Gift Baskets

    1. Can I add a personalized message to a thank you gift basket?

    You can add a personalized message to all our thank you gifts. This may be printed on the outside of the shipping box.

    2. How can I add an extra touch to my thank you gift basket?

    On many of our gifts, you have the option to add a gift tag or ribbon for that extra special touch to any thank you gift box or gift basket.

    3. What should I put in a thank you gift basket?

    The best appreciation gift shows you know your recipient and says what you're thanking them for.

    Hickory Farms has more than meats and cheeses—we also offer candy, baked goods, coffee, wine, and a variety of other delights!

    If you're thanking someone for a favor, consider a smaller thank you gift like a Variety Cupcake Four Pack. If you're thanking someone for a massive act of kindness, a champagne gift basket could be the way to go. We even have offerings for keto and gluten-free diets!


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