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Whether the word "picnic" conjures up a romantic date, a fun day out with family or friends, or even Yogi Bear, you can make any picnic memorable. All it takes is knowing what to bring to a picnic or put in a picnic gift basket.

Picnic Basket Gift Ideas

When planning a picnic or searching for ideas for a picnic-themed gift basket, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Things to include in a picnic basket depend on the picnic location, what foods pair well together and with the setting, and other details to make it truly special.

What to Put in a Picnic Basket

Picnics don't necessarily mean sitting in a park on a red and white checked blanket, toting a wicker basket. Picnics can occur anyplace, from a far-flung beach to your backyard.

Let's dive into what to bring to a picnic bearing the location in mind, particularly wine, cheese, and meat pairings, items you may need, and a few general reminders.

Note: If you're super into picnics or want to send several wine picnic gift baskets, you can find all the wines we suggest in our Generosity Cellars Wine Gift Collection, containing six bottles in four different varietals.

Beach Picnic

You don't need to drive to the ocean to get the beach picnic experience. A lake or pond serves just as well. You could also send a beach picnic-themed gift basket to a friend and include beachy trinkets to set the mood.

Wine: Rosé

Cheese Pairing: Gouda and creamy cheeses

Don't forget to pack extra water, sunscreen, towels, a beach umbrella, and serving boards. Remember: Traditional baskets may be woven—allowing sand in. You should also avoid bringing foods that can melt, like chocolate or ice cream. If you want sweets, consider something like Tempting Toffee Bark.

Park Picnic

The classic picnic is at a park. You may prefer to spread a blanket out on the ground or use a picnic table. You could even be lucky enough to attend an outdoor concert or play where bringing a picnic basket is encouraged!

Wine: Pinot Noir

Cheese: Gruyere

If you're heading out for a park picnic, be sure to bring things you need for any other day in the park, like bug spray. If you'll be sitting on the ground, you should also bring pillows or other padding in case the ground is uncomfortable.

When thinking about what to bring to this picnic, don’t forget to include safe places to keep utensils so they don’t touch the ground.

Rainy Day Picnic

Just because the day is gloomy, it doesn't mean you can't have picnic fun! You can opt for a rainy outdoor picnic with the right gear.

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Cheese Pairing: Farmhouse Cheddar

Consider bringing a pop-up tent or tarps, umbrellas, and blankets.

Dress the part in rain jackets and boots, and make sure your food is in a cooler or another waterproof container.

We recommend considering warm drinks in addition to or instead of wine, such as coffee, tea, or cocoa. Cupcakes in jars could be the perfect sweet treat to round off the meal, too, as they're sealed and can stay dry until you're ready to enjoy.

Rooftop or Backyard Picnic

Being a city slicker or suburbanite doesn't mean you can't enjoy a picnic, even if there isn't a park nearby. You can bring the picnic to you by heading to your building's roof or your backyard, giving yourself a sense of the great outdoors right at home.

Wine: Chardonnay

Cheese Pairing: Gouda or Monterey Jack

You know your rooftop and backyard best, so you can decide what type of blanket and decorative elements you need. Plan to do this at night? Consider bringing a lantern or candles to set the mood. Don't forget to bring a trash bag so you don't leave a mess.

The nice thing about doing this at your home is anything you don't finish can easily be brought back inside. Pack like you would if you were going anywhere else, but bring reusable containers so you can easily enjoy leftovers later.

Picnic Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone

Picnics are classics for bonding over food. Whether you’re searching for wine picnic gift baskets for a date night, deciding what to bring to a picnic for the Fourth of July, or brainstorming picnic basket gift ideas, Hickory Farms has everything you need to get started.


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