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Looking for birthday gift basket ideas can be tough. No matter how well you know someone, finding that perfect gift can sometimes seem out of reach.

Understanding your gift-recipient’s personality type can help you narrow down birthday gift ideas.

Things to Consider When Gift Giving for Birthdays

While it would make it easier if everyone had a wish list of the gifts they want, that doesn't happen often. Consider:

  • Your relationship
  • When you plan to see them
  • Their personality type

How does personality affect gifts people want?

Birthday Gift Ideas for Every Personality

Below, you can find birthday gift ideas that different personalities may prefer, including birthday gift baskets, sentimental presents, and the gift of time together.

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly thrives on interaction and may identify as an extrovert.

Birthday Gift Basket: Birthday Charcuterie & Sweets Gift Box

The Birthday Charcuterie & Sweets Gift Box is great for sharing because of how many treats it contains.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: Reminder of a Happy Time

If you spent a special day together, find a gift to remind them of that day.

Gift An Experience: A Night Out on the Town

Taking them out for a night on the town may be the best birthday gift.

JOMO - Joy of Missing Out


While some people live with FOMO (fear of missing out), others live an introverted JOMO life—joy of missing out.

Birthday Gift Basket: Celebration Popcorn Tin

A Celebration Popcorn Tin may be wonderful because they can enjoy it while rewatching nostalgic movies and binge-worthy shows on a movie night in.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: Give Them Their Space

Get your loved one who would prefer a night in a birthday wine gift set, like our Happy Birthday Deluxe Sip & Snack Gift Basket, along with a book they’ll love. This shows you understand they like the quiet, but you know them well enough to choose just the right literary pairing for their tea.

Gift An Experience: Unique Movie Night

Set up a projector and screen in a yard, pop in your JOMO friend's favorite movie, and share a Premium Happy Birthday Gift Tower.

The Overachiever

The Overachiever

The Overachiever always thinks ahead, ready to take charge of their own lives.

Birthday Gift Basket: Premium Birthday Snack Gift Set

High-quality candy, like the variety in our Premium Birthday Snack Gift Set, can feel like a bit of joy to someone who rarely takes a break.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: A Mug With a Meaningful Phrase

Not only is this birthday gift practical, but it shows you listen to what inspires them. This could be anything from a favorite quote to a specially made mug with their “catchphrase.”

Gift An Experience: Dinner

Rather than letting them grab yet another fast food meal between tasks, convince them to slow down to enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant with you.

The Sports Fan

The Sports Fan

You may expect this to appear on a list of "birthday gifts for him," but anyone can have the Sports Fan personality type! The only requirement? Loving sports.

Birthday Gift Basket: Birthday Cheese & Sausage Lover’s Gift Box

When watching a sporting event at home, people often bring pre-made snacks like chips. Raise the bar with a Birthday Cheese & Sausage Lover's Gift Box.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: A Specialty Sports Gift

Chances are your Sports Fan has spoken of sports memorabilia they wish they had. Here's your opportunity to make their wishes come true!

Gift An Experience: Watch a Game Together

Sports Fans love to attend games. Tickets to a game could be appreciated.

If the game is far away or sold out, grab a Game Day Gift Basket and cheer on their team on TV!

The Head Honcho

The Head Honcho

A Head Honcho cares about leadership, organization, and forward movement, helping themselves and others on their personal or professional paths.

Birthday Gift Basket: Happy Birthday Signature Favorites Gift Box

With a Head Honcho, it's hard to go wrong with a gift that features sweet and savory options, like the Happy Birthday Signature Favorites Gift Box.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: Digital Subscriptions

Look into subscriptions to online services featuring self-improvement or professional development magazines, audiobooks, or podcasts.

Gift An Experience: Compete With Them

Head Honchos like to win, so taking them to a place to compete is a great option.

For a competitive night in, the Game Night Gift Set may be the ideal birthday gift basket.

The Explorer

The Explorer

When The Explorer isn't on an adventure, they're looking for their next one.

Birthday Gift Basket: Gourmet Mini Donut Collection

Foods that are easy to hold are important when on the road. This is why Cupcakes-In-A-Jar may be the perfect gift for an Explorer!

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: A Book of Their Adventures

Create a photo album of an adventure you went on together.

Gift An Experience: Go on an Adventure

Take them on an adventure! This could be anything from a snowboarding trip to a local scavenger hunt.

The Go-Getter

The Go-getter

The Go-getter is always on the move—upward. On rare days off, they check items off their to-do lists or go on well-planned vacations.

Birthday Gift Basket: Happy Birthday Sparkling Wine Gift Basket

With our Happy Birthday Sparkling Wine Gift Basket, you can toast to their special day and other achievements.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift: Remind Them of Home

Remind them of home with a candle or trinket modeled after their state or town.

Gift An Experience: Go on an Excursion

Consider taking your Go-getter on an adventure, like whitewater rafting or rock climbing, where they can work hard to reach the end.

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel puts others first. They may even work in the caregiving field.

When looking for a birthday gift for mom or another loved one, you might stress because of everything they do for you. Don't! Being picky about gifts is rarely in a Guardian Angel's nature.

Birthday Gift Basket: Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Cheesecake Pops

Cheesecake may be one of the ultimate comfort foods! Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Cheesecake Pops will make your Guardian Angel feel loved.

Heartfelt Birthday Gift:

Consider a picture of a favorite time you shared or a book of notes from loved ones.

Gift An Experience: A Day of Pampering

Guardian Angels often have a hard time putting themselves first. But, if you take them for a spa day, they have to pamper themselves!


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