If anyone has a reputation for appreciating wine, it’s moms. Whether she likes to enjoy a glass with dinner, sip her favorite while reading a good book, or celebrate special occasions by popping open a bottle, a great wine is always a thoughtful gift for Mom. If you’re looking for some Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got great suggestions below based on which type of mom you’re looking to celebrate.


Chill Cab Mom

She’s lowkey, relaxed, and has a no-stress approach to life. If her signature style is a top knot and yoga pants, and she prefers a night in with takeout and a movie to any fancy night out, you’re shopping for a Chill Cab Mom. Cabernet sauvignon is the world’s most popular red; it’s easy to pair and tastes great with grilled meats, bold sauces, and high-flavor foods (hello burgers and pizza!)

Treat her to a bottle of Generosity Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon that she can sip on while she binges her favorite show and tries an at-home pedicure tutorial she saw on social media. Or, if you want to send some easy-to-enjoy snacks along with a bottle of cab, check out these red wine gift baskets she’ll love digging into.

Classic Chardonnay Mom

Classic Chardonnay Mom

This mom is sophisticated, hands-on, and creative. She takes momming seriously, is super organized, and loves meal planning and bullet journaling. Always the perfect hostess, this mom plans the best parties. Chardonnay is a smooth, sophisticated wine that matches her effortlessly energetic personality. Generally a crowd-pleasing white wine, chardonnay is able to wear many hats while still having a great time, just like this do-it-all mom.

For Mother’s Day, she’d love to uncork a bottle of Generosity Cellars California Chardonnay. This stainless steel-aged wine is bright and clean, making it a great match for most of the recipes on her Pinterest board. Or, send her a white wine gift basket featuring chardonnay paired with snacks and treats.

Champagne Extra Mom

Champagne Extra Mom

Everyone knows this mom—you can always count on her to be extra in the best possible way. She can never have too much glitter, and she lives for awards shows, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. If you have one of these extra moms on your Mother’s Day gift list, treat her to something that sparkles just like her—a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine should do the trick.

Send a bottle of Contollo Grand Cuvée California Sparkling Wine featuring a beautiful gold label and box that’s as stunning as her personality. Or, to spoil her even more, check out these Champagne gift baskets that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Rosé All Day Mom

Rosé All Day Mom

This mom loves to have fun, whether it’s impromptu dance parties, pillow forts, and ice cream dates. She doesn’t like to rush through things, preferring to take her time and enjoy the moment. Rosé can resemble the flavors of a light red wine, but with brighter notes, so it’s incredibly food-friendly. Since this wine pairs well with pretty much anything, it’s perfect for her spur-of-the-moment approach to life.

Rosé wine fits her fun-loving, enjoy-the-moment style because it’s light and fresh, making it perfect for sipping during summertime afternoons outdoors, leisurely al fresco dinners, or even during a chill brunch gathering. A bottle of Generosity Cellars California Rosé is the perfect gift for this mom. Or, for more fun and delicious gifts that fit her personality, check out wine gift baskets featuring rosé and treats she’ll love.

For more gourmet gifts for all the moms on your list, check out our Mother’s Day collection.


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