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After working remotely for the last year due to the global pandemic, many people are now returning to their offices. Getting back into old routines and adapting to the new normal may feel exciting, stressful, or confusing for workers. One thing is for sure—a welcome-back gift or celebration for your employees is the perfect way to express gratitude for all their hard work and show how excited you are to be back in person together at the office.

Why Add Welcome Gifts to Your Reopening Plan

Returning to the office will feel like a huge change for a lot of workers. You can help make this transition exciting and fun with a few special touches at the office as people make their way back to their desks.

Going out of your way to welcome your workers back will boost motivation as soon as they enter the office. An employee who’s feeling stressed about the return to the office will feel appreciated, and it can build of the excitement of the employees who are already pumped up about the return to work.

Giving welcome back gifts isn’t necessarily a new practice in the business world, but it is more important than ever in the current corporate landscape. A welcome back gift is a great way to show returning employees that you’ve been thinking about them and are glad to be back at work together. A welcome back gift is also a nice way to connect with employees who preferred working from home full-time and may not love the idea of coming back to a more structured office setting. Showing these workers that you appreciate their return is especially important to keep them engaged and their morale high.

Ways to Welcome Employees Back

There are many small, meaningful things you can do to welcome your staff or coworkers back to office life.

Personal Notes

Perhaps the simplest way to make employees feel welcome and appreciated is a heartfelt, personalized note. Drop a letter or card on each returning employee’s desk so they can start their day off on a positive note.

Even better—you could send a special note on a personalized tag along with a gourmet food gift. Our Business Gifting Specialists can help you turn any Hickory Farms gift into the perfect way to show appreciation to your coworkers or employees.

Decorate the Office

Make the office feel extra welcoming by putting up a few decorations. Balloons, signs, or streamers can add a celebratory feel to this important milestone of getting back into the swing of things.

Treat Them to Something Delicious

Part of the workday that everyone looks forward to is snack breaks! Welcome your employees back with a special treat for them to enjoy on their first day at the office. Give them the gift of a hearty snack with picks like our Signature Beef Sampler, Classic Beef & Turkey Sampler, or Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler—all of these choices are filled with favorite flavors that would make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for those first days back in the office.

signature beef sampler Classic Beef and Turkey Sampler sweet salty nut sampler

Or, if you want to give them something to help kick off happy hour, a gift with wine is always a good bet. Giving a bottle like our Generosity Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon is a good place to start! Or, for a tasty wine and cheese experience, give a gift like our Red Wine & Cheese Board Set or WWhite Wine & Cheese Board Set that comes complete with a board for serving.

generosity cellars california cabernet sauvignon red wine and cheese board gift set white wine and cheese board gift set

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