Every Dad has a style and personality all his own, and each one deserves to be celebrated with a delicious gift to match! If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that suits him perfectly, we’ve got suggestions below based on what your dad is like.

Sports Fan Dad

Whether it’s watching his favorite professional team or playing a casual game with friends, this dad is all about sports. Show him he’s the real MVP with our baseball-themed Father's Day Home Run Gift Basket featuring stadium-favorite snacks, hearty bites, and a Baseball Koozie to keep his favorite drink cold and close at hand!

Work From Home Dad

This dad does it all for his family, surrounded by the comforts of home. So give this ultra-casual dad a pack of Wicked Good Cupcakes with his favorite flavors. Because these cupcakes come in easy-to-carry jars with resealable lids, he can tote his treat all over the house whether he's listening to a big client meeting, folding laundry, or both at the same time!

Let’s Wine Dad

This discerning dad loves to enjoy his favorite snacks with a perfectly-paired glass of wine. Give him exactly what he’s craving with our Father’s Day Wine & Savory Snack Collection. He can create a gourmet charcuterie spread to pair with sips of rich SunSol California Merlot for the ultimate Father’s Day flavor experience.

Chill Beer Dad

This chilled out dad is always down to hang out and crack open his favorite brews. Make his Father’s Day one to remember with our Father’s Day California Craft Beer Gift Basket. It features six different bottles of craft beer, plus plenty of snacks he’ll love digging into.

All Business Dad

You might think your hard-working, all-business dad wants another tie for Father’s Day, but what he’s really craving is a serious selection of snacks. Wow him with our Premium Father’s Day Gift Set that’ll fuel him up no matter what business he’s tackling.

No matter what kind of dad you’re celebrating, check out the rest of our Father’s Day gifts to make his day extra special.


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