Your friend or family member's significant other just popped the question, and you couldn't be more excited. So much to say, so much to think about, so much to do! It's easy to get wrapped up in the exhilaration, but don't forget to take steps to make sure you are being the best congratulator you can be.

The etiquette around engagements has changed a bit in the past decade and varies by region and age group. A good guiding principle is to show support, express joy, and let the couple have the spotlight. A congratulatory phone call or message is a good start for acquaintances but for close friends, a unique engagement gift is much more appreciated!

Do's and Don'ts

DO send a heartfelt gift. For some friends and family members that can be as simple as a thoughtful card. For someone special, you cannot go wrong with a gourmet gift box or basket, like one of our delicious California-inspired gifts.

DON'T start grilling them with questions about wedding logistics. Planning can be fun, but let them enjoy the moment and wait for them to share details with you.

DO compliment her on the ring, no matter what. Couples have their own preference and have worked hard to afford it!

DON'T post an immediate congratulations message on Facebook or Insta. It is hard to keep your excitement bottled up, but this is the couples' announcement and they need to roll it out on their own timeline. There could be surprises up their sleeve, family complications, or any number of unknowns to consider.

DO offer recommendations for vendors. Maybe you have an aunt that does amazingly beautiful table centerpieces or a brother that owns a catering company. Or maybe, you just got married yourself in the same area and had the BEST photographer. Suggestions and recommendations are plentiful on the internet, but a couple will likely trust their friends and family before anyone else with reviews online.

Engagement Gift Guide

There is no go-to registry for engagement gifts, meaning it may be trickier to get the happy couple something they will really cherish.

My friend recently got engaged and was touched by the outpouring of well-wishes, but she wasn't sure what to do with the 16 bottles of solo sparkling wine that were sent to her. Instead of sending the same old same old, check out these fun ideas for unique and delicious engagement gifts.


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