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Birthdays can be super exciting and a great excuse to get together with friends and family. There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate. However, if you find a birthday popping up on your calendar and feel a little stumped on what gift to buy, you’re not alone. Choosing something special can be a little overwhelming, but we can help! Finding the perfect birthday gift is easy when you take a look at how they like to celebrate.


We all know this person—they don’t just have a birthday; they have a whole birthday week! This person craves something indulgent and special for their big day. Treat them to a gift feels extra-celebratory, like the Birthday Premium Treats & Wine Gift Basket. It comes with sparkling wine and plenty of treats to share. Or, stock them up with snacks for all their celebrations with a gift overflowing with flavor, like the Premium Happy Birthday Gift Tower.

Birthday Premium Treats & Wine Gift Basket Premium Happy Birthday Gift Tower


Some of us like to celebrate our birthday a little more under the radar, with a low-key night in. If you’re shopping for someone like this, they’d love something they can enjoy during their birthday movie night, game night, or chill session. Give them a gift that will let them create a delicious meat and cheese spread, Birthday Cheese Favorites & Sausage Gift Box. Or, if your low-key friend likes their snacks with a glass of wine, they’ll love unwrapping our Birthday Charcuterie & Sweets Gift Box with Wine.


When this person’s birthday rolls around, they’re scoping out the latest restaurants or food trends to add to their celebration. That calls for a birthday gift featuring something unique (and delicious) to suit their trendsetter mindset. If they’re big on sweets, they’ll love digging into our Birthday Cupcake 2-Pack, featuring decadent cake stacked up in super cute mason jars. Or, since build your own charcuterie is really having a moment, treat them to our Birthday Sparkling Wine & Savory Snack Collection. They can craft their perfectly Instagram-worthy board and enjoy alongside sparkling wine.


Have someone in your life you’ve heard say “oh wait, it is my birthday?” Then their celebration style is beyond low-key. Even though celebrating their birthday isn’t in their top priorities, that’s no reason to make it special. Send them a gift filled with snacks they can enjoy no matter what they get up to, like our Premium Birthday Snack Gift Set or Best Birthday Wishes Gift Box. The specially designed birthday boxes on these gifts will add a celebratory feel to their day, no party required!

Premium Birthday Snack Gift Set Best Birthday Wishes Gift Box

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