Hickory Farms' Guide to Creative Leftover Christmas Ham Recipes

Your party guests have left. The dishes have been put away. And now you are left with the leftovers from your holiday spread. With our creative recipes for leftover Christmas ham and other dishes, you can easily mix and match your leftovers into tasty and unique meals that you and your family will enjoy for days after the holidays.

Christmas ham leftover recipe ideas with HoneyGold® Ham

Our award-winning Christmas ham is mouth-watering by itself, but you also can pair it with other favorite foods to make the leftovers taste just as great. Classic ham and cheese sandwiches are always a great lunch favorite as you head back to the office - try our new Farmhouse Cheddar for the perfect balance of flavors. Plus, add some sweet and spicy flavors to your sandwich with our Sweet Hot Mustard . For a hearty dinner side, cut Christmas ham into bite-size pieces and add to your favorite cheesy potato recipe for a filling option.

Cheese leftover recipe ideas

Cheese makes everything taste better. Take leftover slices of our Mission Jack cheese and make a cheese quiche for breakfast the next morning with eggs, spinach and Christmas ham. Or, melt cheeses for vegetable or gourmet cracker dips.

Fruit and nut leftover recipe ideas

Make healthy snacks and spreads with leftover fruits and nuts. Chop our fresh selection of in-season fruits and combine for a juicy fruit salad. Or, make a to-go snack with our dried fruit basket and an assortment of gourmet nuts mixed with some chocolate candies for a crunchy trail mix. For jelly and jam, use our fresh fruit varieties to make spreads for toast and fruit dips.

Summer Sausage leftover recipes

A hearty stew is always a winter favorite. Cook Turkey Summer Sausage or Beef Summer Sausage leftovers into your homemade stew with fresh vegetables and spices. Or, add an extra kick to sausage meat sauces with leftover sausage appetizers for pastas and casseroles. Add your favorite Summer Sausage to bring flavor to an otherwise simple salad of mixed greens.

Whip up holiday leftovers

Take these simple ideas and combine them with your own recipes to make leftovers that will disappear within days. Remember our award-winning HoneyGold® Ham when you go to order ham online , so you're prepared for your holiday spread. Then get creative and start mixing and matching your holiday leftovers into unique and tasty dishes.