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  • Orange You Glad it's Summer Read More »
  • Swimsuit Friendly Summer Recipes Read More »
  • Spring Salads & Summer Smoothies

    Spring Salads & Summer Smoothies

    As the weather starts warming up, many people tend to shift their diets just a bit to incorporate lighter meals filled with fresh fruits and veggies. Whipping up a cool, refreshing smoothie or salad makes for a great meal on a spring or summer day because they are quick to make and since you don’t have to use the oven or grill, you’ll stay nice and cool while preparing your meal!

    If you’re in need of a few new ides for fresh fruit smoothies and salads, check out some of these great recipes we’ve recently come across.

    This mango-peach smoothie includes a little bit of orange juice and vanilla soy milk, creating a creamy, sweet treat.


    smoothie ideas

    Photo via All Recipes


    A Kiwi Sensation smoothie made with kiwi, mango, and pineapple can also be made with spinach to get a little bit of your daily dose of veggies in!

    smoothie ideas

    Photo via All Recipes

    When it comes to salads, you can stick to traditional fruit salad recipes or add an extra splash of flavor and texture to a vegetable-based salad. Either way, you’ll have a delicious dish that is also nutritious.


    If you’re craving for a taste of your favorite island paradise, this tropical fruit salad will do the trick. Its ingredients include mangoes, pineapple, pomegranate seeds, and dried coconut. Yum!

    Photo via Epicurious

    Radiance Fruit Salad combines some of the best flavors of spring and summer – kiwi, cantaloupe, and strawberries topped with a honey, lime, and mint dressing.

    gourmet fruit baskets

    Photo via Food Network

    Or give this Crunchy Fennel and Green Apple Salad a whirl. Extra-thin Granny Smith apple slices add just the right touch of tartness for a refreshing summer salad.

    hickory farms

    Photo via Cooking Channel

    Of course, you can always make your favorite fruit salad into a smoothie by altering the recipe just a bit and tossing it in the blender. Or, you can use this fruit salad smoothie recipe for guidance. It’s made with grapes (red or green – your choice), an orange, pineapple, cucumber, carrot, and apples.

    fruit salad ideas

    Photo via Food Network

    What are your favorite fruits to mix up in smoothies and salads during the spring and summer? Leave a comment to share with us.

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  • Fun Summer Sausage Snack Ideas

    Fun Summer Sausage Snack Ideas

    With its bold and delicious flavor, our Hickory Farms Summer Sausage can be eaten as a quick snack on its own, paired with cheese and crackers, or added to recipes for extra depth of flavor. Create treats that are great for anything from an after school snack to hors d'oeuvres for a fancy party with these Summer Sausage snack ideas.

    Source: Hickory Farms

    Source: Hickory Farms

    An even bolder snack mix

    With varied flavors, plenty of texture, and lots of crunch, a good snack mix is always a crowd pleaser. With just a few extra ingredients, you can transform an ordinary store bought snack mix into something truly special. 

    Start by pouring a bag of your favorite snack mix into a large bowl. Then, add a couple cups of any flavor of popcorn, a handful of our Smoked Cheddar Blend cut into cubes, and our Signature Beef Summer Sausage, also cut into cubes. Once all of the ingredients are in the bowl, simply stir it together and serve.

    Make it fancy

    Source: YesIWantCake

    Source: YesIWantCake

    For a quick and easy appetizer that will fit into even the most elegant event, create a fun twist on an antipasti platter. To make this sophisticated presentation, simply layer green olives that have been marinated in herbs and lemon zest, slices of cheese, a piece of parsley, and a cube of our Signature Summer Sausage on a toothpick.

    Everybody loves a good slider

    If you seek something unexpected, try making a summer sausage mini sandwich. Start by pickling a bit of fennel in vinegar, salt, honey, and water. Meanwhile, grill your sausage until it has a bit of a char and is nice and crispy. Stack a couple summer sausages on top of one another and add a slice of your preferred cheese. Place the grilled  summer sausage onto slider buns and finish with the pickled fennel and a dab of mayonnaise with Sriracha and lime juice.

    By keeping our Signature Beef Summer Sausage and creamy cheeses from Hickory Farms on hand, you will have everything you need to whip up a delicious snack in moments. 

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  • Fruit for All Summer Sandwiches with Fruit Fruit for All Summer Sandwiches with Fruit


    Get creative in the kitchen this summer with seasonal flavors that can turn an ordinary meal into an invigorating treat. We love the idea of putting fruit on sandwiches to add a sweet and refreshing burst of summer flavor. So we sought out some quick and easy summer sandwich recipes with our favorite summer fruits.


    Surprisingly Berry Good Sandwich


    Jazz up a meat and cheese sandwich by substituting slices of strawberries for slices of tomatoes. You can also use cherries, apricots or figs! explains why this summer sandwich substitute will always turn out tasty.


    “…any fresh, in-season fruit makes a great tomato substitute until the real things are ready. Of course, we all know by now that tomatoes are actually a fruit, so this makes sense. In texture, sweet-to-tart ratio, juiciness and color, many fruits are excellent stand-ins for fresh tomatoes, especially in salads and on sandwiches.”


    Grilled Watermelon & Cheese Bites


    We all know how delicious fruit and cheese combos can be. And if you tried one of our recipes from our post on “Uniquely Delicious Grilled Fruit Desserts,” you know that fruits are great on the grill! So naturally, our mouths began to water when we saw this summer comfort food recipe for Watermelon Grilled Cheese Bites from Brit + Co.


    Slice watermelon and a firm, salty cheese into sandwich-friendly slices and throw them straight on the grill or stick them on a kabob first. After about a minute on each side, take the slices of watermelon and cheese off and stack them into sandwiches with some arugula leaves.




    summer recipes


    Source: Brit + Co


    Tropical Chicken Salad Sandwich


    If you love chicken salad, you’ll love this tropical version of this classic summer sandwich. When preparing your salad with diced chicken, onion and mayo, toss in a cup of sliced mango. Add chopped fresh basil, too!




    summer sandwich ideas


    Source: Edamam


    Do any of these summer sandwiches have your mouth watering? Tell us what your favorite sweet and savory summer combinations are in a comment below!


    Don’t forget that Hickory Farms has a wonderful selection of gourmet food baskets with fresh fruit. Browse our online store to learn more!

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  • Entertaining Essentials for Sweat Free Summer Gatherings Entertaining Essentials for Sweat Free Summer Gatherings

    hickory farms

    Source: Camille Styles

    Sometimes the best summer gatherings are the spontaneous ones. And even when it’s a scorcher outside, you can keep your cool during an impromptu hosting opportunity as long as you keep a supply of entertaining essentials. Here is a list we compiled of all the items you need to enjoy spontaneous and sweat-free entertaining this summer.

    Unbreakable glassware: This one is a must if you plan to do most of your summer entertaining outdoors! Nothing can break up a good time like broken glass. Invest in some acrylic glassware.

    A collection of containers: We love Interior Collective’s advice: “Keep a cache of containers on hand.” Simple and chic containers like mason jars and hurricane vases can hold everything from fruits and flowers to candles and even silverware to make serving and decorating easy.

    Beverage butlers: Whether you’re entertaining alfresco or you’re escaping the summer sun indoors, make sure you have a handy tray, tub or beverage cart to chill and serve several drinks at a time.

    Splashes of color: This may sound a bit broad, but the idea here is to remind you that pops of summery color can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a fun set of place mats and cloth napkins or flowers freshly cut from your own yard, a splash of seasonal color can set the perfect tone for a summer get-together.

    Ambiance lighting: Stock up on tea lights, candles and some string lights or lanterns. Nothing sets a summer scene better than some flickering candles or twinkling lights.

    Cheese, fruit and nuts: As Sandy reminds us in her guide, 30 Days of Summer Entertaining, you will always be prepared for an impromptu get-together when you keep your fridge and pantry stocked with cheese, fruit and nuts. They make for the perfect instant appetizer!


    While we are famous for our gourmet cheese, fresh fruit and nuts here at Hickory Farms, our Italian Ice Cream Truffles are a summertime favorite, as well! So leave the dessert to us this summer, and serve up our special ice cream treats that come in 12 summer-inspired flavors from Apricot with White Chocolate Chips to Coconut with Almonds. To see the other flavors and to order your truffles today, visit our online store.

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Try some of our best, unique gift basket and food gifts for the special men and women in your life, filled with mouthwatering meats like our holiday ham or our delectable sweet treats. Want to add a little something extra? We offer personalized gifts for him and her with custom ribbon and gift tag options. Whatever you choose, your friends and family will savor the exceptional food and drinks found in a Hickory Farms gift basket.

Since 1951, Hickory Farms has been crafting gourmet food gifts by combining our signature food products along with personalized service. Our rich flavors and superior products continue to make our gift baskets a time-honored tradition. Create lasting memories when you bring our appetizing gift baskets to your celebrations. Or, send a unique gift to their door to show your loved ones you care!

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