Promo Codes for Hickory Farms

Use a Hickory Farms promo code to receive the best deals on your next Hickory Farms order. Only one discount code is permitted per order. If you are using a Hickory Farms promo code from an email or another website, your discount code will be automatically applied when using the link provided. To check that your Hickory Farms discount code has been applied correctly, check the order total on the “Review Order Page.”

Current promotional codes and offers:

Promo code: NOEL - 50% OFF Delivery on shipments <$35 + FREE Delivery $35+. All Shipping Promotion eligibilities are determined based upon the product value being shipped to each address. Gifts containing wine are NOT eligible for shipping promotions and as always, must be purchased by and received by someone 21 years or older. Signature of an adult (21 years or older) is required upon receipt. Not valid in-stores; valid online only.

Promo code: VOLUME  - Volume Discounts. Order of $500 to $1,999.99 and receive 10% off. Order $2,000 to $4,999.99 and receive 15% off. Order $5,000 to $9,999.99 and receive 17.5% off.