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Turkey Summer Sausage 10 oz. - 3 Pack
Hickory Farms

Turkey Summer Sausage 10 oz. - 3 Pack

Item# 005912


Why it’s loved:
A leaner option for friends and loved ones, our Turkey Summer Sausage has a sweet finish provided by brown sugar and honey, but with all the flavor you expect from the Hickory Farms Summer Sausage recipe. 

How to serve it:
Of course, a delicious appetizer that complements any cracker can be quickly made with our Brown Sugar & Honey Recipe Turkey Summer Sausage. For a twist on breakfast, fold some into an omelet for a sweet and savory start to the day.

Makes a great gift for:

For those who might prefer a leaner option to beef, this Turkey Summer Sausage is a delight. You might find yourself ordering extras for next season’s picnic party.