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Classic Cheddar 5 oz. 4 Pack
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Classic Cheddar 5 oz. 4 Pack

Item# 001158

Why it is loved:
More than 100 years of experience goes into making this exceptional cheese. In the hills of Wisconsin, our Master Cheesemaker handcrafts this Classic Cheddar cheese in small batches before curing it for 3 months for a mild, creamy texture.

How to serve it:
To really understand the subtle complexity of this Classic Cheddar, try it in a cheese flight with our 1 Year and 3 Year Aged Cheddars. Mild cheeses like this cheddar go great with the rich tannins and full-bodied dark fruit of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Pale Ales with a hoppy aroma and finish also pair nicely.

Makes a great gift for:
Your cousin who loves to grill and bake for family and friends. Suggest they use it for a topping on their famous burgers or a Sunday casserole.