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Beef Summer Sausage
Hickory Farms

Beef Summer Sausage

Item# 000211


Why it's loved:
During the mid-1950s, Hickory Farms' founder Dick Ransom grew restless. Already a successful cheese maker and connoisseur, he couldn’t find the perfect beef summer sausage to compliment his rich and savory creations. So he made it himself. He went to his kitchen and worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect all-beef sausage. With 100% premium grain-fed beef, hickory smoke flavor, a hint of mustard and a dash of paprika, we think he succeeded because today it’s rated the #1 Summer Beef Sausage in America.

How to serve it:
Slice it thin and enjoy it on crackers or with cheese. Cube it for a filling snack.

Makes a great gift for:

Perfect for party hosts or for sending in care packages to kids in college.