Dry Salami from Hickory Farms.

Dry Salami 7 oz. - 5 Pack



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Why it is loved:
This flavorful dry salami is rich in tradition. Inspired by old-world Italian recipes, it’s handcrafted from the choicest cuts of pork and flavored with the perfect amount of red wine. You’ll taste the care and craftsmanship in every slow-aged slice.

How to serve it:
Peel back the outer layer of the dried salami and slice thinly. The rich, savory taste of salami can be enjoyed on its own, but will really draw out the flavors of our Hickory Farms Reserve cheeses. Try this gourmet salami with and without cheese on top of our Olive Oil and Rosemary crackers.

Makes a great gift for:
Your uncle who loves to impress his family with his artisanal pizza recipes. When sliced thin and baked onto fresh bread, our Dry Salami adds a twist to any pizza.


-(5) Dry Aged Salami 7oz

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    Why it’s loved:
    During the mid 1950's, Hickory Farms' founder Dick Ransom grew restless. Already a successful cheese maker and connoisseur, he couldn’t find the perfect summer sausage to compliment his rich and savory creations. So he made it himself. He went to his kitchen and worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect sausage. With 100 % premium grain fed beef, hickory smoke flavor, a hint of mustard and a dash of paprika, we think he succeeded and today it’s rated the #1 Summer Sausage in America.

    How to serve it:
    Slice it thin and enjoy it on crackers or with cheese. Cube it for a filling snack.

    Makes a great gift for:
    Perfect for the party throwers or for sending care packages for college students.