Complete Cellar Flight Wisconsin cheeses from Hickory Farms.

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Complete Cellar Flight



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Why it is loved:
Here’s your chance to pull out all the stops with every Hickory Farms Reserve cheese when you buy Wisconsin cheese online. Our Complete Cellar Flight includes five award-winning selections of Wisconsin cheeses and should be on any cheese lover’s list. Experience a building intensity of cheddar flavors with a flight of our Classic, 1 Year Aged and 3 Year Aged Cheddar Cheeses. Delight in the balanced spiciness of our Smoked Pepper Jack and the unsurpassed richness of award-winning Smoked Blue. Then finish it all off with our award-winning selections of Smoked Garlic Cheddar, Apple Smoked Cheddar with Paprika, and Triple Crème.

How to serve it:
To experience the depth and fullness of each Wisconsin cheese, be sure to serve these artisanal masterpieces at room temperature. It’s best to cut soft cheeses like our Triple Crème while they are still cold for easier handling and to use a separate knife for each cheese to avoid mixing flavors. So that the bolder flavors don’t take away from the cheeses with more subtlety, we suggest you arrange your serving plate so that guests may sample the youngest and mildest cheeses before enjoying the bigger, bolder and more aged iterations.

Makes a great gift for:
Friends who deserve a night in with some delicious cheese and their favorite wine.


-5 Oz Apple Smoked Cheddar With Paprika
-5 Oz Smoked Garlic Cheddar
-5 Oz Smoked Pepper Jack
-5 Oz Smoked Blue Cheese
-5 Oz Classic Cheddar
-5 Oz 3 Year Aged Cheddar
-5 Oz 1 Year Aged Cheddar
-5 Oz Triple Crème Cheese
Net Weight 2.5 lbs


Fruit, Ice Cream Truffles, Hickory Farms Reserve Cheeses, and HoneyGold® Ham: To ensure that it arrives in perfect condition, we will ship your gifts Monday - Thursday for delivery within the same week. Saturday - Monday delivery is not available for this item.

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