Q: What product was affected by the recall?
A: The product subject to this voluntary recall is Hickory Farms Chipotle Ranch Sauce, NET WT. 9 oz. and a Best If Used By date of February 08, 2015 and earlier. This date is located above the back label.

Q: What is the missing allergen ingredient on the label?
A: Buttermilk powder, a known milk allergen was mistakenly left off of the label. The Chipotle Ranch Sauce is also formulated with egg yolk and soy, two additional known allergens that are noted on the label.

Q: Were any other Hickory Farms products affected?
A: No other products were affected.

Q: What Chipotle Ranch Sauce was affected?
A: All product with a Best If Used By Date of February 08, 2015, or earlier are included in this voluntary recall.

Q: Where was the affected Chipotle Ranch Sauce sold?
A: The product was sold through Hickory Farms’ nationwide retail network which includes, Hickory Farms Holiday Market storefronts and kiosks, and at various leading retailers.

Q: What are the risks of consuming the affected product?
A: Hickory Farms Chipotle Ranch Sauce consumed by the Best if Used by Date shown on the package is safe for consumption for those not allergic to milk, egg, or soy. People who are allergic to milk should THROW IT OUT IMMEDIATELY as this allergen is not included on the label. Note as stated on the label, the product should be refrigerated after opening.

Q: Have any adverse reactions been reported?
A: No reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of the product have been received. Anyone concerned about a reaction should contact a healthcare provider.

Q: What steps should I take if I have an affected product?
A: If you have an allergy to milk, throw out the product immediately. If you do not have an allergy to milk, egg, or soy, then the product is safe for consumption. Note as stated on the label, the product should be refrigerated after opening.

Q: What is Hickory Farms doing to correct the issue?
A: Consumers with the product can contact the Hickory Farms Consumer Line Monday – Friday, 8:30am-6:00pm EST at 1-800-762-5558 for a full refund. Hickory Farms is committed to providing quality products and works diligently with its suppliers to ensure customer safety.


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