Things to do in Spring

When the temperatures begin to warm and you can hear birds chirping outside your window, you know spring has sprung. The season of rebirth, spring holds a special place in many people’s hearts for its symbolism of new beginnings. It is also the time we celebrate Easter, an important religious holiday for Christians. But even those who aren’t religious still enjoy gifting baskets and coming up with unique ideas for gifts. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut this year, Hickory Farms has some suggestions for spring activities for kids as well as fun Easter basket fillers for children and adults alike.

Spring Activities for Kids & Adults

The beauty of spring lies in the ability to go outside again without worrying about the chilly air hurting your face or giving your fingers and toes frostbite. Check out some fun new options for things to do in spring:

• Plan a park date! If you have kids, this is a great way to let them run around to get all their pent-up energy out. And if you don’t, you can make an adult day out of it! Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

• Stroll around the zoo! It’s always more fun to look at animals when you aren’t freezing your buns off. If you have little ones in tow, they’ll appreciate having more freedom to roam around and not be restrained by wearing layers of coats, sweaters and scarves.

• Get yourself moving with fun outdoor activities! Whether it’s riding a bike, flying a kite or playing catch, spring offers up plenty of opportunity to work up a sweat while enjoying the nice weather. If you have kids, you can even consider organizing a neighborhood softball or kickball league, or simply encourage your kids to spend time playing with their friends outside.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas

When the weather warms up, it also means that Easter is around the corner. Hickory Farms has fresh ideas on things to use as Easter basket fillers as well. Although chocolate and candy are much-loved Easter favorites, try switching things up this year with a delicious fresh fruit basket or dried fruit. Anyone looking for a gluten-free or healthy alternative to the traditional holiday gifts will surely appreciate something so unique. For adults, you can consider a wine and cheese gift combo, or even treat someone to a very special offering like Pfaelzer Brother’s filet mignon cuts.

If the kids are still looking for a sweet treat, melt away mints or signature chocolates offer something to satisfy their sweet tooth that can be portioned out by the handful. Don’t forget to check out our Easter gift baskets for even more inspiration. No matter what gift you select for family and friends, the importance of the spring and Easter season is to appreciate time spent outdoors and with family. We hope you enjoy creating new traditions together!