Mother’s Day Celebrations

For many of us, our moms have been the number one go-to person in our lives for everything from a childhood injury to a major life decision. Whether you are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with your biological mom, grandmother, stepmom, or important mother figure in your life, you want to make the day as special as possible for her to show her just how much she means to you. Hickory Farms is here to offer suggestions on gifts and things do to for mom on Mother’s Day. Explore our creative ideas and maybe you’ll be inspired to come up with some of your own or start a new family tradition!

Mother’s Day Activities

Break your usual routine of Mother’s Day celebrations over brunch or dinner with one of the options below!

Take mom on a picnic. As long as it’s nice day, taking your mom on a picnic is a fun change of pace, and takes the pressure off of you or another family member for having to host everyone in their home!

Invite mom over for a movie night of her choice. Spending time together is a great way to show your mom you care and simply want to enjoy her company. Break out some wine and popcorn for an even more relaxing night!

Pull out old photos and spend the day reminiscing together. The bond you share with your mom is undoubtedly unique from the bond you share with any other friends or family members. Take some time to go through childhood memories together and laugh over good times from days past while creating new memories.

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Don’t have time to plan something elaborate for mom? These gifts for Mother’s Day don’t have to strain your wallet or take a lot of time to plan.

• Buy mom a weekend getaway or a ticket to her favorite show. Most moms have a favorite show or vacation destination that they can’t get enough of. Chip in on a nice hotel stay or seats at her favorite play or musical that you know she wouldn’t splurge on herself. Experiences are such a valuable gift to give!

• Treat mom to a spa day. Chances are, your mom is probably so busy that she doesn’t get much time to relax or treat herself. Surprise her by dropping her off at the spa for a facial, pedicure, manicure, massage or whatever her favorite treatment is.

Give mom the delicious gift of food. We’re pretty certain your mom likes to eat. We do, too. If you have a special meal that you like to share, whip that up as a great surprise for your mom. Or, if you want to give your mom gourmet food gifts that she can share with others, order unique gift baskets for women that you can customize to suit her personal tastes and preferences. Choices like our fresh fruit baskets and healthy gift baskets are ideal if your mom is especially health-conscious or simply enjoys a lighter option. Or to satisfy her sweet tooth, send one of our delectable chocolate gift baskets. We guarantee it won’t stay untouched for long! We ship throughout the U.S. and Canada, so even if you can’t physically be with your mom on Mother’s Day, it’s still easy to let her know you’re thinking of her.