What is National Siblings Day?

Although it is not yet a federally recognized holiday, National Siblings Day is celebrated by many brothers and sisters each year. Just like how Mother’s Day honors mothers and Father’s Day pays tribute to fathers, this holiday is an opportunity to honor and recognize the important bond of siblings. Claudia Evart began the holiday in memory of her brother and sister, who both died young. The holiday has roots in America, but has since spread to other countries around the globe, even India and Australia. In America, governors of 49 states have issued proclamations to recognize National Siblings Day in their respective state. Since almost 80 percent of children in America have at least one sibling, most people have at least one other person to share the day with.

When is National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day is celebrated annually on April 10. Claudia Evart selected this date because it is the birthday of her deceased sister, Lisette.

Ideas for Celebrating National Siblings Day

Although some people are content with simply posting an Instagram photo with their sibling, why not go above and beyond this year to show them how much you truly care? Check out some unique ideas below:

• Spend some time playing games that were your favorites growing up. Whether that means outdoor games like Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard or indoor games like hide and seek, Chutes and Ladders or Clue, revisiting old games can provide hours of entertainment.

• Go back through each other’s old yearbooks. Be sure to spend plenty of time laughing over each other’s silly outfits and hairstyles.

• Reminisce about your favorite memories of growing up. Whether they be family vacations, school plays or time spent playing sports together, share those stories again and take each other back. You can always do this over Skype if you live far apart, and feel free to have your parents join in on the conversation too if you’d like!

If you can’t be there to celebrate with your brother or sister in person, why not send them one of our gift baskets to show you’re thinking of them? Our gift baskets are filled with tasty sausages, cheeses, fruits, wine and more that your sibling is certain to enjoy. No matter what you select, one statement always remains true—no matter the distance, it’s the thought that counts. Make it a tradition to celebrate family with Hickory Farms.