Featured Recipe: Veggie and Cheese Skewer Appetizer

Veggie and Cheese Skewer Appetizer

During the summer months, skewers are the perfect way to get a balanced meal without a lot of work. Typically, a few key ingredients are placed on a skewer and grilled to perfection. However, with this recipe, we’re removing the grill and creating a ready-to-eat Veggie, Sausage and Cheese Skewer Appetizer. This skewer will be perfect to hold over the family or your guests, until the entree is prepared.

Try pairing together the great flavors of our Signature Beef Summer Sausage, your favorite cheeses, and the veggies of your choosing. Slice your sausage and cheese into bite sized cubes, and slide all of the ingredients onto the skewer. Not only are these skewers, simple and delicious, but they also provide a beautiful and colorful touch as the centerpiece to your gathering.