Gluten-Free 101: How to Make it Part of Your Everyday Life

Whether you’re making a healthy change to your diet or you have a gluten allergy, switching to a gluten-free diet is a major challenge. But going gluten free doesn’t mean giving up on your favorite treats and sweets. There are many simple ways to help you learn to love gluten-free living:

Stay positive

It’s better to focus on what you can eat, rather than what you can’t. Remind yourself that most nutritious and delicious foods that you should be eating are gluten free. Meat, fish, rice, eggs, fruits, veggies and nuts are all healthy gluten-free options that should be a part of your regular diet. You can still have flavorful meals that will keep you full and happy.

Seek support

Let your friends and family know about the change you’ve made. Have them act as a support group to keep you on track and less likely to cheat. Getting in touch with an official gluten-free support group can also help you find sources of information. Ask your doctor or dietitian to put you in touch with one of these groups.

Shop around

Think outside the box when you’re grocery shopping for gluten-free options. Do your research and you’ll find new sources for gluten-free products online every day. You can find a gluten-free version of almost any of your favorite foods.

Going gluten free is easy with the number of choices out there. Check out Hickory Farms for tons of options when it comes to meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts. You can even brighten someone’s day with a gluten-free gift basket!