Reasons to Do Date Night at Home

While going out for a night on the town with your significant other is normally the perfect go-to date idea, it can sometimes get tiring. From reservations and parking to trying to find a babysitter if you have kids, sometimes it can seem like more of a hassle than its worth. Instead, why not consider a date night at home? You can still share great food and laughs without the price tag or added hassle of leaving your home, which is especially appealing during winter or when the weather is less than desirable. So cozy up with a blanket and your special someone for a low-key date that won’t break the bank.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

When you’re spending a night in, you may be worried about how to make it feel special and not just part of your typical routine. Here are a few suggestions to switch things up:

• Instead of simply watching TV, choose a different activity besides your typical Netflix binge. Bring out the board games, play cards or build a puzzle. All of these activities will help you bond while also encouraging relaxation.

• Create a playlist of all your favorite songs. Spend the evening dancing around the living room together.

• Pretend you just started dating and play an icebreaker/get-to-know-you type game where each person has to share things the other person doesn’t already know about them.

Date Night Recipes

Another way to avoid having things feel mundane is to incorporate a new dish into your evening. While we always recommend a bottle of wine to go with your date night at home, check out some fresh dinner ideas to spice things up.

Lemon Chicken with Asparagus—this lemon-fresh favorite will have you both clamoring for seconds.

Gnocchi with Sausage and Spinach—bring a little Italian flair to your evening with this festive pasta dish.

Stuffed French Bread—truly make an impression with these delicious sandwiches. Who can say no to French bread?

Or, if you’re planning a spontaneous night in, use your Hickory Farms gift basket for inspiration. Slice up delicious sausage and cheese to be paired with crackers and mustards for a no-fuss meal that you and your sweetheart can enjoy snuggled up next to a roaring fire or outside on the porch in the warm weather. No matter what you end up doing, the best way to embrace a date night at home is by having fun and creating new memories and traditions for you both to cherish for years to come.