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  • Finding the Perfect Winter Dessert Treat Chocolate Peppermint Cookies Finding the Perfect Winter Dessert Treat Chocolate Peppermint Cookies


    We recently had our first snow of the season in Ohio. I much prefer the warm weather months, but since harsh, brittle winters are inevitable in Ohio, I’ve learned to make the best of it. I often have guests over to help make the time spent at home a little more fun. Since I tend to have a lot of people over, I am always looking for flavorsome treats to have in dishes throughout my home for people to snack on. My favorite winter snack to have ready while entertaining is peppermint dessert treats. I am always on the hunt for new variations on this classic candy that my guests will love.


    Anything made with peppermints around this time makes me incredibly happy - peppermint sticks, peppermint brownies, peppermint martinis…the list goes on and on.


    Now that we are entering into the start of the chilliest months here in Ohio, my primary focus was to get my hands on the mintiest treat I could find from Hickory Farms.


    I had some amazing minty options, but my sights were set from the beginning. Hickory Farms Peppermint Snow cookies were my choice. I can't think of  a better treat than combining crunchy chocolate cookie with crushed peppermints.






    I was first drawn to the appearance of these amazing peppermint Christmas cookies.   These tasty indulgences are concealed within white and dark chocolate. As if that isn’t enough, they are then sprinkled with crushed peppermints. the crushed peppermints not only add a crunchy, minty finish, but they make the presentation of these chocolate peppermint cookies so impressive that they make for an incredible after dinner dessert treat at a dinner party or family gathering.


    The Peppermint Snow Mint Cookies were put to the test when I hosted a small holiday gathering. I knew my guests thought they were as enchanting as I did when I realized an hour into the party that there were none left for me!


    There were two lessons I learned that night. The first was that for every winter gathering from this point on, Peppermint Snow Mints have to be a dessert treat for guests to nosh on. The second lesson is that I always need to buy an extra bag for myself.

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  • Food Display Ideas for Halloween Entertaining Food Display Ideas for Halloween Entertaining


    From gourmet chocolate spreads to healthy fruit baskets, get ready for hosting a spooktacular Halloween party.




    There’s so much to love about October – fall foliage, pumpkin patches, and most of all, Halloween!


    Halloween is such a great holiday because there are endless creative ways to express your style and have fun with entertaining. If you’re planning a Halloween party, first decide on a style. Whether you prefer whimsy and magic or a darker, creepier feel, these Halloween food display ideas will help make your party a hit.


    Creepy Apothecary


    Give your guests a frightfully good time with apothecary-themed Halloween décor. These printable labels are the perfect way to add a mad scientist vibe to your beverage table.


    Halloween decorations from Hickory Farms


    We love this Halloween serving suggestion: Serve tomato soup shooters in test tubes, accompanied by pumpernickel and cheese sandwiches cut into spooky shapes. Rich tomato soup calls for a hearty cheese, like the Smoked Cheddar Blend or Smoked Gouda found in our gourmet cheese selection.


    Halloween treats using gourmet cheese from Hickory Farms


    Pumpkin Party


    Those looking for more quirky Halloween entertaining ideas may enjoy a pumpkin-themed party. This is a great tutorial for making your own pumpkin beverage cooler, an easy project that will certainly impress your guests.


    Halloween-themed ideas from Hickory Farms


    We also love the idea of pumpkin plate stands, which would be perfect for displaying a variety of gourmet sausage and cheese from one of our meat and cheese gift baskets. Use pumpkins of different colors and heights to achieve a visually interesting mix. You could even place a small bowl in a tiny, hollowed-out pumpkin to hold gourmet nuts.


    gourmet nuts and other spreads from Hickory Farms


    Add height to your Halloween tablescape with a multi-tiered stand filled with gourmet chocolate, classic candies and some beautiful autumn fruit. Our fruit baskets are a quick and attractive party solution, with succulent apples and pears for a healthy treat.


    fruit basket spreads from Hickory Farms


    Rustic Elegance


     If you’re going for more rustic Halloween décor, consider using an orchard basket as the centerpiece for your table. This rustic autumn centerpiece is a great example, using a variety of fall vegetables, seed pods, berries and leaves to create a free-flowing arrangement.


    Halloween décor ideas from Hickory Farms


    For a more minimalist look, create this Halloween centerpiece by filling a basket with a bed of silk leaves, then top with white mini pumpkins.


    Halloween basket ideas from Hickory Farms


    After enjoying one of our gourmet gift baskets, don’t forget to put the basket itself to good use! Many of our food gifts come in keepsake Peterboro baskets, beautifully hand-crafted in New Hampshire.


     How do you add a festive feeling to your Halloween party food displays? What do you do with your holiday gourmet gift baskets? Please share your ideas with us.

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  • Food Displays for a Fabulous New Year's Party Food Displays for a Fabulous New Year's Party


    New Year’s Eve parties are a wonderful way for family and friends to come together and reflect upon all the great memories made during the past year while getting excited for another year of making great memories together. Of course, no party is complete without fabulous decorations and scrumptious treats!


    Like any other holiday festivity, a New Year’s Eve party needs a theme. Once you’ve determined your theme, you can get to work on incorporating your food display into the theme. Below are some ideas that will make your New Year’s party a hit.


    hickory farms


    Photo via Martha Stewart


    Gold and silver streamers and shimmering confetti are always a popular choice for New Year’s décor. Hang stylish streamers from the ceiling above your drink table and sprinkle some confetti around for an extra festive touch. Then, complete the theme by serving a sparkling champagne punch.


    hickory farms


    Photo via Martha Stewart


    This pretty centerpiece can be achieved with lemons or even Fuji apples, Crown Comice pears or Mandarin oranges from one of our gourmet fruit gift baskets. It’s a great way to infuse a pop of color into your party tablescape.


    hickory farms


    Photo via Amanda Parker


    We love this glamorous display of New Year’s sweets. Include some gourmet nuts gifts to make it a sweet and salty spread that everyone can enjoy all night long.


    hickory farms


    Photo via Better Homes & Gardens


    Adding height is another great way to achieve a dynamic designer tablescape. Multi-tiered stands, such as this one, are great for a buffet-style New Year’s party. Fill the stands with gourmet chocolate, fruit from Hickory Farms fruit gift baskets and other treats, like holiday cookies or artisan fudge.


    hickory farms


    Appetizer ideas from Hickory Farms.


    You can’t go wrong with a classic cheese ball. Surround it with delicious crackers, a flavorful meat like our Beef Summer Sausage, and tasty condiments like honey and pineapple mustard to keep guests coming back for more.


    hickory farms


    Summer Sausage from Hickory Farms.


    What’s your favorite way to create a fabulous holiday spread using gourmet food gifts from Hickory Farms? Share your ideas with us below.

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  • For Another Great Year Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas For Another Great Year Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas


    Whether your company is turning five or 50, business anniversaries are important milestones that should be celebrated. Show your employees that you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication with these employee anniversary gift giving ideas.


    Benefits of an employee anniversary program


    Initiating an employee anniversary program not only makes your employees feel valued, but there are tons of additional benefits that many companies experience when introducing recognition programs.


    One of the primary benefits is that employee anniversary programs can be a great way to boost morale. For big milestones, such as ten years in business, you may also want to consider expanding the outreach of your party to include customers, suppliers, and the surrounding community. This is a great way to build stronger relationships with your friends and neighbors.




    Treat the guests to something extra special


    An anniversary party is an appropriate time to present your employees and other supporters with a nice gift. Some companies will opt for a tiered system of gifts, giving the employees that have been with the company the longest a more expensive present than newer employees receive. Other companies will opt for a more equitable gift distribution system. For an extra nice touch, consider treating the spouses of your employees to a gift as well.


    If you are unsure what gift you want to present to your employees, you may want to do something nice for them instead. Before the big party, for example, you could have all of the employees over to your house for a gourmet luncheon.


    Gift baskets are another fantastic idea. The collection of Anniversary Gift Baskets from Hickory Farms is a great way to show your employees and clients how much they mean. Treat your vendors and clients to a basket filled with Summer Sausage; gift your staff with our sausages and cheese; or hand out tins of our gourmet mixed nuts.


    Plan a great anniversary party for your staff and business connections with these tips and our employee anniversary gift giving ideas from Hickory Farms.

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  • Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Dessert Recipes Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Dessert Recipes


    Goblins and ghouls and ghosts, oh my! Trick-or-treaters will soon be making their rounds after the season's apples are picked and the plumpest pumpkins are carved. Hickory Farms loves Halloween, and this year, we're excited to share our favorite ghoulish dessert recipes that will sure to be a hit at your All Hallow's Eve soirée.


    gourmet fruits


    Source: Ralph Anderson via Southern Living


    Pumpkin Fudge 


    Put a Halloween spin on basic fudge by making this recipe with canned pumpkin, marshmallow crème, white chocolate chips and chopped pecans. It's so good, you'll want to add it to your autumn holiday recipe collection.


    gourmet fruit basket


    Source: FamilyFun Magazine via Spoonful


    Apple Bites 


    It really can't get any simpler and healthier than this Halloween treat. All you need are some sliced green and red apples studded with slivered almonds. This gaping grin is both delicious and nutritious!


    gourmet fruit basket


    Source: Southern Living


    Caramel Apples 


    This recipe's gourmet take on a Halloween staple will impress your party guests. You can't beat a double-dipped apple treat (think chocolate and caramel!) rolled in a layer of delicious toasted pecans. This treat is decadent, delectable and so darn good!


    gourmet nuts


    Source: Foodie Misadventures


    Halloween Candy Bark 


    You can make this recipe with a sampling of Halloween chocolate treats, or save it for a post-Halloween surprise with leftover Halloween candy. Melt chocolate chips in a saucepan over low heat, and then pour onto a baking sheet to cool before adding cut-up candy bars and Hickory Farms Honey-Roasted Peanuts to the mix. Spread evenly, and zigzag some melted white chocolate before topping with the candy of your choosing.Cut single-serve pieces and place the treats on a festive plate.


    gourmet fruit basket


    Your Halloween party will be a festive showcase with Hickory Farms gourmet fruits and nuts and tasty desserts. We can ship our perfect party pleasers across town or across the country to surprise loved ones near and far for any occasion. Order now for door-to-door shipping with guaranteed quality.

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  • Fruit for All Summer Sandwiches with Fruit Fruit for All Summer Sandwiches with Fruit


    Get creative in the kitchen this summer with seasonal flavors that can turn an ordinary meal into an invigorating treat. We love the idea of putting fruit on sandwiches to add a sweet and refreshing burst of summer flavor. So we sought out some quick and easy summer sandwich recipes with our favorite summer fruits.


    Surprisingly Berry Good Sandwich


    Jazz up a meat and cheese sandwich by substituting slices of strawberries for slices of tomatoes. You can also use cherries, apricots or figs! TheKitchn.com explains why this summer sandwich substitute will always turn out tasty.


    “…any fresh, in-season fruit makes a great tomato substitute until the real things are ready. Of course, we all know by now that tomatoes are actually a fruit, so this makes sense. In texture, sweet-to-tart ratio, juiciness and color, many fruits are excellent stand-ins for fresh tomatoes, especially in salads and on sandwiches.”


    Grilled Watermelon & Cheese Bites


    We all know how delicious fruit and cheese combos can be. And if you tried one of our recipes from our post on “Uniquely Delicious Grilled Fruit Desserts,” you know that fruits are great on the grill! So naturally, our mouths began to water when we saw this summer comfort food recipe for Watermelon Grilled Cheese Bites from Brit + Co.


    Slice watermelon and a firm, salty cheese into sandwich-friendly slices and throw them straight on the grill or stick them on a kabob first. After about a minute on each side, take the slices of watermelon and cheese off and stack them into sandwiches with some arugula leaves.




    summer recipes


    Source: Brit + Co


    Tropical Chicken Salad Sandwich


    If you love chicken salad, you’ll love this tropical version of this classic summer sandwich. When preparing your salad with diced chicken, onion and mayo, toss in a cup of sliced mango. Add chopped fresh basil, too!




    summer sandwich ideas


    Source: Edamam


    Do any of these summer sandwiches have your mouth watering? Tell us what your favorite sweet and savory summer combinations are in a comment below!


    Don’t forget that Hickory Farms has a wonderful selection of gourmet food baskets with fresh fruit. Browse our online store to learn more!

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  • Fruitful Desserts for Growing Kids Fruitful Desserts for Growing Kids


    Parents want their children to eat their share of fresh fruits, but kids tend to gravitate towards sugary snacks that are high in calories and low in nutritional value. So, for a happy medium, Hickory Farms is sharing some mouthwatering recipes packed with plenty of sweet and healthfully delicious fruit.


    peach duet gift box


    Source: Food Network


    Blueberry and Peach Cobbler


    This recipe calls for frozen peaches, but it's even better with fresh peaches from our Peach Duet Gift Box. Add some sliced peaches to a pint of blueberries, roll out your homemade dough for the crust, brush on some egg wash, sprinkle sugar on top, and bake! Your kids will love eating this fruit-filled dessert. For an extra treat, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


    fruit gift basket


    Source: Food Network


    Summer Fruit Crostata


    Don't let this recipe's fancy name deter you. Just tell your kids you're making a fruit pizza and they'll be instantly hooked! Made with the same sweet fruits featured in the cobbler recipe, this fruit crostata requires a few plums to make the dish even tastier.


    fruit gift basket


    Source: Bon Appétit


    Mango and Berry Swirl Smoothies


    For days when it's just too hot to crank up the oven, try making this wonderfully cool and very nutritious sugar-free fruit recipe. Sweetened by a couple tablespoons of honey, you can cut the calorie count even further by using low-fat or fat-free milk.


    fruit gift box


    With summer in full bloom, there's no need to use frozen fruits. Our Very Special Variety Fruit Gift Box features fresh mangoes you can throw in for a burst of flavor. You can make the day extra special by taking your kids berry-picking for blackberries. It's a refreshing treat they'll want you to make again and again.


    peach fruit basket


    Hickory Farms gourmet gift selections always hit the spot. Choose from our perennially popular fruit and nuts selection or give a loved one or a friend a Peach Duet Gift Box that can be customized with a ribbon for any special occasion.


    Call 800.753.8558 to place your order for delivery right to your recipient's door, or shop online 24 hours a day.

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  • Fun Spring Basket Ideas for Kids Fun Spring Basket Ideas for Kids






    Filled with candy, toys and special surprises, kids always look forward to receiving their spring baskets. Choosing a theme is a great way to make each basket reflect your child's unique interests. Grab a couple brightly colored baskets, some tinsel or tissue paper, and make this year's spring baskets even more special with some fun ideas.




    Source: JIU via Woman’s Day


    • For the budding artist, fill a basket with items that will inspire your children and bring out their creativity. Great options for an artistic basket include sidewalk chalk, finger paints, crayons, markers, coloring books and sketch pads.
    • If you have a little fashionista, create a basket brimming with things for playing dress up. Add some sunglasses, nail polish, costume jewelry and hair accessories for a truly stylish basket.
    • Sports fans will love a basket with football, baseball and basketball-themed treats. Load each basket with sports cards, ball caps and foam balls. If your little ones also play sports, consider adding small pieces of sports equipment, such as shin guards or batting gloves.
    • Dollar stores and bargain bins are full of toys that can be combined for a fun and affordable basket. Choose miniature books, bouncy balls, modeling clay, silly putty, or any other little toys you can find.
    • For a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your older children, consider filling their spring basket with fun activities rather than toys and treats. Stuff a basket with vouchers for the movie theater or admission tickets for local museums or zoos. Another great alternative is movie night in a basket. Simply fill a basket with a movie or two, a box of microwaveable popcorn and a bag of your teen's favorite candy.






    Once you have your kid's baskets prepared, make sure to get a spring basket treat for yourself. With Hickory Farms gift baskets, such as our Bountiful Tastings or Hickory Tropical Delight, you can treat yourself to an adult twist on the traditional spring basket that includes fresh fruits, yummy cookies, decadent cheeses and other delicious treats that are perfect for a spring feast. Your kids will love it too!

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  • Fun Summer Sausage Snack Ideas

    Fun Summer Sausage Snack Ideas

    With its bold and delicious flavor, our Hickory Farms Summer Sausage can be eaten as a quick snack on its own, paired with cheese and crackers, or added to recipes for extra depth of flavor. Create treats that are great for anything from an after school snack to hors d'oeuvres for a fancy party with these Summer Sausage snack ideas.

    Source: Hickory Farms

    Source: Hickory Farms

    An even bolder snack mix

    With varied flavors, plenty of texture, and lots of crunch, a good snack mix is always a crowd pleaser. With just a few extra ingredients, you can transform an ordinary store bought snack mix into something truly special. 

    Start by pouring a bag of your favorite snack mix into a large bowl. Then, add a couple cups of any flavor of popcorn, a handful of our Smoked Cheddar Blend cut into cubes, and our Signature Beef Summer Sausage, also cut into cubes. Once all of the ingredients are in the bowl, simply stir it together and serve.


    Make it fancy

    Source: YesIWantCake

    Source: YesIWantCake

    For a quick and easy appetizer that will fit into even the most elegant event, create a fun twist on an antipasti platter. To make this sophisticated presentation, simply layer green olives that have been marinated in herbs and lemon zest, slices of cheese, a piece of parsley, and a cube of our Signature Summer Sausage on a toothpick.

    Everybody loves a good slider

    If you seek something unexpected, try making a summer sausage mini sandwich. Start by pickling a bit of fennel in vinegar, salt, honey, and water. Meanwhile, grill your sausage until it has a bit of a char and is nice and crispy. Stack a couple summer sausages on top of one another and add a slice of your preferred cheese. Place the grilled  summer sausage onto slider buns and finish with the pickled fennel and a dab of mayonnaise with Sriracha and lime juice.

    By keeping our Signature Beef Summer Sausage and creamy cheeses from Hickory Farms on hand, you will have everything you need to whip up a delicious snack in moments. 

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  • Fun Superhero Recipes for Kids' Birthday Parties

    Fun Superhero Recipes for Kids' Birthday Parties

    Sept. 25 is National Comic Book Day, which makes it the perfect time to throw a superhero-themed party for your kid's birthday. Hickory Farms is here to save the day with our collection of superhero-inspired recipes. With these dishes, your child's birthday party will be a smashing success.

    gourmet fruit basket

    Source: Living Locurto

    Wake your little superhero up to a great birthday breakfast with these Captain America Super Power Pancakes. Slice up some fresh strawberries and place them on top of a couple pancakes hot off the griddle. Then, fill the middle with halved blueberries. Spray a circle of whipped cream around the strawberries and add a whipped cream star against the backdrop of blueberries.

    gourmet fruit basket

    Source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

    Spiderman Strawberry Shortcakes are delicious and so easy to make! Individual shortcakes should be sprayed with whipped topping before sliced strawberries are added in the shape of this season's favorite superhero's face. Use mini chocolate chips to outline the eyes, and then fill in the outlines with more whipped topping.

    farmhouse cheddar cheese

    Guests will love these Batman Burgers topped with our Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese. Mold the burgers to resemble a face, and then after they're cooked, trim the top in the shape of Batman ears. Use pieces of the cheese as eyes and create the face by cutting a little slit in the cheese for Batman's mouth. You can also cut the cheese into the Batman logo and design his cape with barbecue sauce.

    gourmet fruit basket

    Source: Love City Blog

    Superhero Skewers are a big hit with younger kids. Not only is this treat super tasty, but it's also an easy way to incorporate superhero stickers. Juicy fruits will keep kids healthy, while giving the party a festive touch. Hickory Farms Bountiful Tastings gourmet food basket is stocked full of delectable fresh pears, kiwis, oranges and apples, perfect for this nutritionally balanced treat.

    At Hickory Farms, we know how to pump up the volume for birthdays of all ages. All of our gourmet delights can be shipped right to a recipient's door just in time for the party. Call 800.753.8558, or order online 24 hours a day.


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  • Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

    Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

    Have you ever tried to ask your mom what she wants for Mother’s Day? Did she respond with something along the lines of “your presence is present enough”? Give your mom what she really wants this Mother’s Day and plan a family outing to spend some quality time together.

    mother's day gift ideas

    Photo via 5 Minutes for Mom

    Hickory Farms looked around to find some great ideas for family outings to surprise Mom with this Mother’s Day. Here are some of our favorite ideas.


    For outdoorsy moms…

    Take mom on a hike! Find a nearby trail and plan out a mini outdoor excursion. Don’t forget to throw in some snacks like fruit and nuts.


    For wine lover moms…

    We love Sunset magazine’s idea for impressing mom by organizing an at-home wine tasting. Not sure where to start? Check out our posts on “Tips from Food & Wine Experts on How to Host a Wine Tasting” and “Wine & Cheese Pairing 101.”


    For sunseeker moms…

    Plan a picturesque picnic. Pack lunch and take Mom to a peaceful spot where you can enjoy a nice meal in nature.

    mother's day ideas

    Photo via Sunset magazine

    For foodie moms…

    Treat her to a special homemade Sunday brunch. If your mom loves to cook, have the recipes and ingredients all ready to go and plan to make brunch together! For inspiration, check out our recent post on delicious brunch menu ideas.


    For adventurous moms…

    Take an exciting day trip. Find a destination that is not too far from home but has something unique you can explore and enjoy, such as a nearby city, beach, or lake.



    How will you be spending Mother’s Day? Share your idea for fun and unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in a comment below or on the Hickory Farms Facebook page.



    If you can’t be with mom this Mother’s Day, make sure you send her something special! Hickory Farms has a wonderful selection of gourmet gift baskets and gift boxes with delicious fruits, wines, and other treats that mom’s will love!


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  • Fun Ways to Spend Father's Day

    Fun Ways to Spend Father's Day

    father's day gift ideas

    Photo via Family Education

    With every Father’s Day that passes, we have to get more and more creative to come up with something that will really put a smile on his face. And there’s nothing more thoughtful than planning to spend the day having fun together. As Ask Men magazine put it, “… a great gift, a present and a card cannot substitute for quality time with dad.”


    Take a stroll down memory lane…

    Find unique ways to learn more about your dad’s life before you were around. Find out what his favorite old movie or show is and plan to watch it together.


    Cook up new memories…

    Put on your chef hats or grab your grill tongs and plan to cook up a meal or grill out together.


    Make (or enjoy) music…

    If you play instruments, suggest a jam session. Or, see if you can buy tickets to a live performance of his favorite band or type of music.


    Take him out to the ball game…

    If your dad is a sports fan, he won’t say no to an afternoon at the stadium or arena watching his favorite sports team. If it’s off season or his favorite team is playing an away game, plan to watch the game at home. Or, get out and play! Hit the batting cages or the bowling alley together, or plan to play a round of (mini) golf.


    Help him cross something off of his bucket list…

    Take dad somewhere he has never been to but always wanted to go, like New Orleans or the Grand Canyon. Another thoughtful idea is to plan an activity he’s always wanted to try but hasn’t had the opportunity to yet. Maybe he’s always wanted to learn photography or take a sailing or flying lesson. Doing something where you can learn together will be rewarding for both of you!

    No matter what you plan to do with your dad on Father’s Day, you definitely have to make sure he’s well fed! Hickory Farms gourmet sausage and cheese can help keep Dad happy (and full) all day long. And for a great Father’s day gift, you can give or send him the Precision Tool Bag, which comes with our Signature Beef Summer Sausage, two cheddar blends, and gourmet crackers.


    hickory farms


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  • Get Healthy During National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

    Get Healthy During National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

    With so much fresh produce finally in season, it's fitting that June should be National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Crisp veggies are not only delicious, but they're also fantastic for your health. They provide you with tons of vitamins and minerals, which may help reduce your risk of disease. You can take part in this health initiative by adding more fruits and veggies to your diet and by following a few of the healthy eating tips below.

    National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

    Source: Better Homes and Gardens

    • If you love exploring new things, one of the simplest ways to encourage yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables is to pick out something out of the ordinary. Peruse farmers' markets, produce aisles and fruit stands for unfamiliar fruits and veggies.You can also enjoy cooking different recipes and experimenting with flavors.

      National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

      Source: Better Homes and Gardens

    • Sneak extra fruits and veggies into your breakfast and lunch. Throw a chopped banana or sliced strawberries into your cereal, or stuff your turkey sandwich with extra veggies, such as spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers and avocado.

    • Keeping fruits and vegetables easily visible will help encourage you to reach for them when you're hungry. Place a bowl of apples, oranges and pears on the table for a beautiful display that can also double up as a quick and healthy snack.

    • Rethink your meal planning strategy. Rather than choosing your protein and then your side dishes, start by thinking about which veggies you're going to incorporate into your meal and plan the entree from there.

      National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

      Source: Better Homes and Gardens

    • Choose fruit for dessert. Top berries with a spoonful of whipped cream for an easy sweet treat that still provides you with tons of nutrients.

      fruit gift basket

      With these simple tips, you can celebrate National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month by effortlessly adding more fresh produce into your meal. For a great starting point, order one of our gourmet fruit baskets from Hickory Farms. With a colorful variety of fresh fruits, these baskets are a convenient way to eat better and get healthier. Who knows, you might even start celebrating this delicious month more often!


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  • Get in the Game with Tailgating Tips for Football Season

    Get in the Game with Tailgating Tips for Football Season

    You’ve waited all year for it, and it’s finally here! Football season has arrived, and that means weekends of tailgating with family and friends.

    Entertaining from the back of your vehicle may seem challenging, but with a bit of forethought and some clever ideas, your tailgate party is sure to be a touchdown. Take a look at some winning ideas for your next football party.

    Food Prep:

    Your favorite team has done plenty of work before they ever step foot on the field, and the same goes for any great tailgating meal. You’ll want to do as little cooking and assembling on-site as possible, so think about what you can do ahead of time.


    gift baskets from hickory farms

    Photo via Food Network

    Sides and salads are easy to make beforehand, but you can also pre-cook meats, which are then easy to finish off on the grill at your tailgating site. Of course, you can also skip the grill and go with easy, crowd-pleasing options like sandwiches or gourmet meat and cheese gift baskets. Beef Summer Sausage, smoked cheddar, and hot mustard are a hearty combo and perfect for casual snacking. You’ll have less work to do and more time for fun!

    summer sausage and cheese gift basket

    Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Basket


    Let’s be honest; a parking lot and the back end of your vehicle do not constitute the most attractive party venue. A little tailgating décor can go a long way towards setting a festive atmosphere, and there are so many fun and easy ideas to choose from.


    tailgating decor from hickory farms

    Photo from Scrappy Crafty Happy

    Bunting is a great way to add a pop of color and team spirit to your party, and is easy to hang from your vehicle or pop-up shelter. This tutorial from Crafty Scrappy Happy is endlessly customizable and easy to make from materials you may already have.


    tailgating decorations from hickory farms

    Photo from Hostess with the Mostess

    This football centerpiece seen on Hostess with the Mostess is super easy to create and adds a dose of whimsy to your game-day table.


    tailgate party decorations from hickory farms

    Red Balloons by Technicolor 76

    We love this clever idea from Martie Knows Parties for a tailgating decoration that is both festive and practical. Tie a cluster of helium balloons in your team’s colors to your vehicle or tent so friends can find you in the crowd.


    football party games from hickory farms

    DIY game from Lowes

    Pass the time, keep the kids busy, and maybe even make some new friends by bringing a few games to play at your tailgating party. Cornhole (or Bean Bag Toss as it is more commonly known outside the Midwest) is a classic choice, but don’t be afraid to get creative. This turf table idea from Lowes is not only easy to make, but it also doubles as party décor and a place to lay out your tailgate buffet filled with your variety of Summer Sausage, gourmet nuts and other gift basket items.

    Every family has their own tailgating traditions; what are yours? Leave us a comment sharing how you have personalized your tailgating routine to create the perfect party, and be sure to check back soon because in our next post, we’ll be sharing some easy tailgating recipes, crowd-pleasing snacks and delicious serving ideas using Hickory Farms meat and cheese gift baskets.



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  • Get Ready for Black Friday with Gift Baskets for Christmas!

    Get Ready for Black Friday with Gift Baskets for Christmas!

    Thanksgiving is a day of grateful togetherness with friends and family, enjoying delicious food and warm company with the ones you love. Most families have cherished traditions that take place at Thanksgiving every year, whether it’s a special dish or a post-dinner game of football in the back yard. But let’s not forget about another cherished tradition that starts the day after Thanksgiving – Black Friday!

    Holiday traditions from Hickory Farms

    After sitting around and eating rich food for a day, Black Friday sales are a great reason to get out of the house and get moving. This annual retail event is the unofficial start of the holiday season, and the perfect time to start checking names off your holiday gift list.

    Get a good start on your holiday gift shopping this year by taking advantage of our Black Friday promotion! Whether you’re shopping for family members, your children’s teachers, or even for corporate gift baskets for Christmas, there’s something at Hickory Farms for everyone.

    Holiday gift baskets from Hickory Farms

    Family Gathering Gift Basket from Hickory Farms

    On Black Friday, head to your nearest Hickory Farms location for an exclusive in-store offer you won’t want to miss. When you spend $50 or more on gourmet gift baskets and other Hickory Farms products, you’ll be rewarded with a cutting board while supplies last– a $20 value!

    Our holiday gift selection has something for every taste, from gourmet meat and cheese, delectable sweets, and gourmet mixed nuts, to fruit baskets, gourmet mustard, and holiday fruitcake.

    Family traditions at Hickory Farms

    Orchard's Bounty Gift Basket from Hickory Farms

    Don’t wait until the last minute to get your holiday shopping done. Gourmet holiday gift baskets are a perfect way to show you care with a high-quality food gift that evokes classic American quality and tradition.

    What are your favorite food gifts you’ve received throughout the years? Do you have any Black Friday gift shopping traditions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or head to our Facebook page to join the conversation!


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  • Get to Know Hickory Farms

    Get to Know Hickory Farms

    hickory farms history

    Hickory Farms in the beginning

    Traditions and success have one thing in common: Even with humble origins, they can turn into something big. At Hickory Farms, we know this first hand because it’s our story!

    Our founder, Richard Ransom, started it all when he began selling hand-cut cheese at county fairs in Ohio in 1951. Throughout the next decade, the operation expanded to include booths run by husband and wife teams, with another very important addition – our famous Summer Sausages.

    The first Hickory Farms retail store opened outside of Toledo, Ohio, in 1959, and the next year saw another big step; the opening of the first franchise location in Chicago. These stores were the first of many and would become a familiar sight in malls and shopping centers across the country.

    During the 1960s, we continued to expand our selection of gourmet food baskets, adding items like our Sweet Hot Mustard that would go on to be long-lived favorites. The following years brought even more food selections, from fruit baskets  and gourmet chocolate to spiral ham and gourmet gift baskets with nuts. To this day, we continue to expand our offerings with a new assortment of wine gift baskets, a perfect thank you for your host or hostess this holiday season.

    Styles have changed quite a bit throughout the years (Just look at our groovy uniforms from the 1970s!), but the high quality of our gourmet sausages, cheeses and other specialty food products has remained the same. After more than half a century in business, we are committed to keeping our traditions alive, while also striving to improve.

    Take, for instance, our 100 percent recyclable packaging that is environmentally friendly in every way, from our re-designed gift boxes to packing materials made from sustainably forested trees.

    We’re also proud to make giving back a part of the Hickory Farms tradition, participating in programs such as Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign® to fight childhood hunger and Operation Gratitude’s military gifts for troops to say “Thanks” to our brave men and women in the armed forces.

    Just like coming home for the holidays, people know what to expect from our gourmet food gifts – a delicious taste of tradition. To learn more about our history, visit Hickory Farms on Facebook!


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